Copyright: 2005 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over this vamp-iris-must
Description: Treatise over this vamp-iris-must, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
The human being consists of a multiplicity of organic functions, that is steered informative over the brain.
If the brain becomes or fed with wrong information the spirit, so also a wrong-control takes place in the organism.
Only then however right mostly if is traded incorrectly through the misinformation.
This is the case usually automatic since the spirit determines the action.

If a human being therefore has sufficiently wrong data in his/its brain, so he/it can feel so bad over the spirit or organism, or sick becomes, that he/it actually must die.

Vampires don't realize this because they can apparently not alter her/its/their disturbances or want and however, lives want over her/its/their strong life-wills.
Therefore, ways finally now find these her/its/their negative information system through:1. Absaugung of information from organs and spirit of other natures.
Or and:2. Gebung of negative information from the own spirit and organs to other natures.
to equalize.

I don't believe that vampires live better than other people through her/its/their action.
You/they simply only extend for a very long time her/its/their life until the negative things increase so strongly in them until her/its/their action can be realized no more sufficiently.
This then is the case, if this action over the spirit, the spirit overtaxes or outbids.

The best and single something one against vampirism probably can do is:
1. Many pray.
2. How often it goes to let burned a candle.
3. It rubs.
(This uncouples very well)

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