Copyright: 3.2.2007 by: Felix R. Kittel
Over the overcoming of the unemployment
Description: Treatise over the overcoming of the Arbetslosigkeit, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Everything was transacted with the hand and with tools earlier. Whoever was skillfully with the hands and tools could get work and could talk with it.
Today, it, that gives it to more and more machines, that the labor of people replaces, is so. This, that machines do, is called, that more people than people look after, works take care of. This means on the other hand, the theoretically lone individual the supply of many, which the consequence has, manages that unemployment originates inevitably, because manpower are discontinued as said through mechanical strength.
The industrial countries often compensate for this through works, that are intended for the foreign countries. This is called that manpower are they actually too much in the own country, exclusively again for other countries responsible is, although seen should have her/it/them rural only jobs in order to get itself/themselves. This market economy does good an industrial country of course, and provides an annulment of the unemployment in the own country. However the unemployment is only for a very long time fought in general until all other countries produce mechanical products themselves. In order to lift this on the other hand or compensating for necessarily are general measures again, that meet with all countries, that have unemployed persons despite own mechanical supply.
That would be shortenings of the working time from my view with constant hourly wage. Of course, all then would have less money, would have every work through it however, because companies through the few working time of her/its/their employee would have to hire more manpower in order to be able to manage the entire work of the respective company.
This itself then everyone less can achieve is clear. However, much is not at all necessary for a normal life. It is much more the question something all people together requires without that too shortly a comes.
I myself am a welfare-recipient through my sensitivity and can do me everything through particular economy measures of the refrigerator until Notebook.

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