Copyright: 2005 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the time
Description: Treatise over the time, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Time is something, which one cannot grasp and is absolutely relative.
The time therefore is so relative, because the respective courses, that there is, the time decides and lets run out.
There was, so there was not any formation, movement and disintegration of the matter, no course and consequently no time. Yes, even the movement and vibration of the atoms, definitely this.

Looked at Planetar, we live in a course, that our sun this in reference to the orbit, decides. The day-night - and season - - rhythm has run out us so, as this determines us.
If one transfers this on other planets, so we could populate only such permanently as it are we through our Biorhythmus accustomed.
Rather also therefore, because we were created by him/it so, as he/it shaped us.

Cosmically viewed, the time stands almost quietly in the cosmos, because admittedly views very much very slowly little not itself in the total there, however, something moves.
It would be important to know once how fast or slowly the period in the cosmos runs out. Then, one could assess namely, like long (probably years), planetar views, for God one day is. This would close on what has God for an inertial-factor in order to notice Planetar negative also like positive conditions in order to then respond or, to be able to respond.

With Schlafentzug, the sense of time becomes ever faster and faster so that five minutes like a hour seem to one in the end.
It has the appearance that, if one is awake, the brain more and more fast and faster turns so that the time of the relevant runs out more strongly and more strongly over this strong course until the brain collapses.
By sleep, the course of the relevant one, which has an effect also on the temporal feeling, is lowered on the other hand.
This could be called on the other hand that if a human being only slept without taking into account that fails through not-movement and staying away Biorhythmus, the cycle, the muscles and organs in the course of time, could live eternally.
However, a long life is to be reached through such a timelessness probably only through continuous meditation (sleep in the watch-condition).
This is worthwhile every time because it lets possibly live long one firstly and secondly one, goes and also joins through it with him/it.
This is the reason, why meditating, so much power can have.
But respect, meditation brings also his/its problems because one then lives outside the normality. Everyone must find out this for itself and must decide.

Dimensionally viewed, the time is different in every dimension, and, to understand differently, because the matter is different in every dimension. However, the matter is different in a dimension than in another, so the respective one has also another course.

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