Copyright: 7.12.2008 by: Felix R. Kittel
Over the television
Description: Treatise over the psychoses, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Television is the biggest medium with internet, radio and newspapers.
It influences us until into the smallest detail, in that it us infiltrated.
We are either dulled by it so and are paralyzed this we see happen something around about us or excites this we fear to go to the street out gets.
If we notice no more, which happen about us, we are through governments curbed us we without this against negative fights and has done everything with us.
However, the government is hardly free themselves from these things well, according to this wrong-controls inescapable is.
This is evened out them/her/it again by the sensitive with überreagieren and with fear and panic responds. You/they would be for itself, is so, however, this definitely overwinds extremism her/its/their life.
Both cases are extreme and sick nature through infiltration.

Documentaries are meaningful to deliver the correct truth about one. One could even say that she/it in a certain Art Defiltrieren, because existing ideas are moved into a correct light.

Fantasyfilme stimulate the imagination and can awaken the invention-spirit and can strengthen.

Since Fiction films evoke the development-spirit.

Mysteries promote the reasoning.

Comedies are amusing and strengthen interpersonal relationships.

Force-films generate fear and become dull. Even in the childhood, we already are pre-programmed to generate fear and deadening. It catches with exciting stories, as fairy-tales, that program us, at, to get fear of certain things. Oder has a child approximately no fear of the black man.
This can be meaningful in order to protect us from certain endangering
However, this continues over negative comics and computer-games in the extreme and already is paralyzed even in the youth through it, overwinds or fearful.
We are paralyzed through these whole processes of small until a certain high age, where one possibly does this no more to oneself, to steer our world and lives harmoniously and right.

I don't want to prohibit the television, however one should oneself very much exactly chooses itself something one does. Heeding is that however, we already want do this so apathetically ourselves ourselves the harmless things in a certain view because they appear tediously to us. Consequently, the television doesn't make any more sense in this case for the relevant ones, according to this one either on television something should abstain or only now and then should see.
How much, however, one tolerates is individual.

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