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Over the Dehnübungen (Stretching))
Description: Chapters about the hygienically necessary usefulness of Dehnübungen, in order to get rid of everyday energy-river-blockades and resultant illnesses.
Dehnübungen are important in order to lift energetic blockades in the body or, to proceed as prevention against these.
Hardly any human being moves his/its body in the sufficient type because almost all physical activities are one-sided. However, the integral moving a body is to be let circulated right important about all energies in the body.
If a body-part doesn't become or hardly moved, so blockades are built in the not sufficiently moved body-part.
These blockades can be considered energy-jam, that causes of illnesses can represent.
If one or several blockades exist in the body, so the body-parts are under-looked after with energy by the so-called energy-jam after this blockade.
However the right and sufficient energy-river is important in the body so that all organs and muscles right work and are looked after sufficiently.
This means that faulty-function is evoked by the energy-jam in the body, so that not, the concerned organ or the concerned muscle his/its full performance brings.
Only, it is so, that if the full performance of an organ or a muscle is not produced and this is demanded from the body that, the relevant organ or muscle sick becomes.
This illness lets itself finally determine through senility and Alterung in the relevant zone.
The influence of the energy on the organ and muscle is to be understood so that the organ or the muscle of the flowing energy adjust which can be negative and positive.

If this process flow too little energy and it negatively so can happen following.

1. the organ or the muscle suffer from insufficiency through energy-lack and catch to fade through it at itself.
2. the organ or the muscle deform through poisons or food-lack.

If this process flow sufficiently energy and it positively so can happen following through it.

1. the organ or the muscle work well. (In this condition, the organ can even grow)2. his/its condition gets the organ or the muscle or catches to repair at itself in the case of illness.

It is respecting the river of energy in the body to be said that it is not enough to solve all energy-blockades but also a correct food-offer (speak energy-offer) in the river existing must be.
This can be realized by a correct nutrition over a really distinctive food-instinct.
(Work-hint: Siehe over the body)

Following practices solve all possible energy-blockades fully:

Nevertheless is to be kept an eye on follow with these practices in the advance.

1. ask your doctor whether you can do these practices.
2. keep an eye on a sufficient cartilage-formation through taking of gelatin.
3. execute the practices with both body-parts and so strong, until they sense a lengthening.
4. practice every lengthening only shortly.
5. if you decided to execute these practices, you don't break middle-in there off these because it is on this occasion about integral practices, that should effect the whole organism.
6. they don't practice these practices if you hurt them since another lengthening probably is not necessary in this case.

Practice 1. with this practice, the toes are bent put in both directions on the ground and then are pressed with a pressure on the ground.
This should be subject to so diagonally happened this the small one and the big toe the same pressure.

Practice 2. a, with this practice, the foot with the outside-edge of the foot exactly on the ground is put and a pressure is exerted on the outside-edge of the foot downward and outside.
b, with this practice, the leg is put out to the side and then a pressure on the body and practiced on the inside edge of the foot strongly to the ground to.

Practice 3. a, the foot is exerted on this foot of the ground a pressure put and subsequent to exactly with a straight leg with the upper side of the foot of the ground with this practice to the back.
b, with this practice, the leg to be lengthened is put easily exactly to the back so the afterwards a lengthening through an even into the knees goes can take place both legs.

Practice 4. a, with this practice, you determine yourself on the leg to be lengthened and leads create horizontally the other leg this a "T" before the leg to be lengthened so.
Afterwards, you continue the lengthening from, in that you still stand firmly on the straight to lengthen leg and go with the horizontal foot into the knees.
b, with this practice, you put yourself the other leg behind the leg to be lengthened horizontally exactly on the ground and führn with the leg to be lengthened so that a turned "T" is created. Now, you continue the lengthening from, in that you stand on the ground immediately firmly in this position with both legs and turn with the upper body into the direction to be lengthened.

Practice 5. with this practice, you determine yourself on a leg and swing the other leg exactly to the side upward.
With this practice, it is important that a straight line with the upper body is kept to when swinging of the leg with the other leg.

Practice 6. with this practice, you determine the other leg exactly for itself to the front on a leg and swinging upward.
On this occasion, the same is worth a straight posture as with practice 5 with the lengthening is important.

Practice 7. with this practice, you place yourself exactly with both legs firmly together and move the hip strongly to the left and right.

Practice 8. with this practice, you determine yourself on a leg and bend the other leg up to the buttocks. Now, you grasp the bent leg at the ankle-area in the front, press down it at the buttocks and move it to the back simultaneously.
Also here is valid that, the stand-leg with the body a straight line should have.

Practice 9. with this practice, you stand exactly, puts a hand of the arm this the arm above the solar-plexus a right-corner so forms.
You let the other arm now down-dangle and persuade the upper body strongly to the side easily diagonally to the front and simultaneously downward.
This practice is right practiced if you sense the hip-muscle to be lengthened with this implementation.

Practice 10. with this practice, you place yourself exactly, both hands put down exactly to the left and right on the obvious breasts and twirl with the upper body.

Practice 11. with this practice, you stand exactly and stretch out the arm rectangularly exactly to the body to the front and swing exactly to the right and left with this arm afterwards.
With this practice, the hand is to be held vertically from the right and left horizontally and once with every lengthening once.

Practice 12. with this practice is swung to the back poor both with downward bent hands in the corner of 45 degrees of in the front simultaneously.

Practice 13. a, with this practice, the arm is held loosely rectangularly behind the head and is straightened the hand of the stationary arm with the other hand afterwards.
b, with this practice, the arm is straightened loosely rectangularly the hand of the stationary arm with the other hand held and subsequent behind the back below.

Practice 14. with this practice, both poor are stretched out rectangularly to the side to the body.
Now, an arm is turned into a direction and the other arm is turned into the opposite direction simultaneously.
This process is changed many times so that each arm rotated a few for itself into a direction and into the other direction times.

Practice 15. with this practice, an arm is swung the other arm exactly at the body swung and simultaneous past upward past downward behind in the change exactly at the body behind.

Practice 16. with this practice, the arm is stretched out angled in the corner of 45 degrees to the body to the front.
Now, you form a fist this the fingers with the outstretched arm upward so shows and beats on the upper arm-area of the outstretched arm with this fist.

Practice 17. stand exactly, the hands in the necks cross, inhales deeply sticks out the stomach and bends to the back.
Now, you exhale and bend to the front below.

Practice 18. link both fists below the neck so that you can look at the hand-outside-surface and these compress strongly.

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