Copyright: 2005 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the stress
Description: Treatise over the stress, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Stress, tensions are, that under time-pressure of reference from to achieve originates.
However, stress can be also pressure, that then is built, if too many factors work on one.
The stress-factors can increase so strongly from the number and intensity that a normal life or also even normal activities no more can be led and can.

1. if these factors are illusory, so them can be gotten rid of through clarifying and clarifying conversations.

2. they are based on realities not to be removed so, things are to be obtained, that the particular factors let come to terms with one.
If one has, so one can oneself to go to the street afraid, for example, because one holds it dangerously for oneself, with signal-west or signal-strips, arming or with a dog helps.
Consequently, there are many things, that can guarantee one a living on.

3. if the pressure cannot vanish through particular factors through things or conversations, because it is on this occasion about a permanent disturbance, so the possibility exists, these, to rethink. This then consists that one the corresponding factors in views for one for itself coming to terms with way and moves the stress-amounting things into another light consequently. This action finally vanished such a big positive effect the existing intrusion in the course of time.
The principle of this technology consists that disturbances are accepted and then don't make any more sense through it.

Stress through time-pressure:

On this occasion, it is unequivocally for itself or to tell others and to think, what can be achieved in a certain time, without tension. This is different with each human being through the individuality.
If this should not go, so works can be distributed among several people.
It is a matter of profit and merit, that would like to reach the achieving.
Sometimes, profits are so low through too strong competition relating to this that either comes to terms with the stress achieving or alters her/its/their merit-possibility or must shift.
If however, the achieving decides in favor of the stress, so caution is offered before Workaholic. Addictions always originate in order to still be able to achieve to achieve. That is not different with work-addiction.
Much sense nevertheless doesn't have it, itself too much stress on work aufzuhalsen.
No purpose has his/its merit not to be able to realize with all the work. One shouldn't lives, about to works separates works in order to live.

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