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Over the soul
Description: Chapters about the functions of a soul, to steer the own material body over feelings, to can about lives over many lives through incarnation permanently.
The soul can be called a complicated intelligent structure from vibrations, that can be named because of his/its kindliness as a light-nature.
It is not as manifesto as the spirit in the brain since it can uphold his/its whole vibration-system automatically only through the influence of cosmic energy. This maintenance doesn't happen the part of the vibration-system Schwingen, certain only if necessary, like with the spirit leaves but happens in that all parts of the vibration-system swing all at once and certain parts of the vibration-system are activated by addition of cosmic energy simply much more strongly if necessary, so that a communication of the Lichtwesens is guaranteed by it.


A spirit activates vibrations of the own spirit them/her/it a thought or a mental picture, with what all possible vibrations of the spirit are manifesto in the spirit, evokes.
This manifesto-ness enables on the other hand that the vibrations not always need to be active in the spirit in order to exist.

With a light-nature, all vibrations of the Lichtwesens actively must be there in order to exist, it consists only of vibrations. If a vibration of the Lichtwesens swings no more, this for always from the light-nature vanished.
Therefore, all vibrations of the Lichtwesens are active, and therefore activates the light-nature more strongly certain vibrations in itself in order to cause a communication through it or, to be understood in general.

The light-nature is a developed spirit-nature, that can therefore be marked as such no more. (Work-hint: Siehe over the natures.
The spirit-nature learns the difference between good and angry and hardly therefore takes care of other natures in the positive sense.


A spirit-nature turns into the light-nature, in that it recognizes something good through effects of actions is, and this good action also pauses because angry actions evoke negative effects on a self.

The spirit-nature differs from the light-nature in that it picks up energy predominantly and energy hardly affects while the light-nature quite is capable to affect much energy and this also does.

If a spirit-nature rose to a light-nature, so it now is permissible for him/it to enter an intelligent material body and to live in a symbiosis with him/it. This is important for the light-nature to learn the material contact about as well and through the material body.
This includes that, the light-nature the body molds, about with him/it in a perfect condition to lives, in order to reach finally the increasing life-goals. This can only be reached in that the developed spirit of a body forms an alliance for itself after the death of the body with the soul so that no material life is wasted in the end since only the dying cover is changed.


A light-nature sets itself a life-goal and lives to reach through incarnation in connection with the material body around the sedate life-goal.
If this sedate life-goal is the Lichtwesens with the present material body reached not, so the light-nature so often lives into a material body through incarnation until this life-goal is reached.
After the achievement of the life-goal, a new configuration, that can be compared with a reorientation, takes place in the light-nature.
If again the light-nature got the bearings through the adding on top of this information, that evoked the reached life-goal, so a life-objective takes place again in the light-nature.
Now, the total begins described process from newcomers again, for which evolution can quite be called.

The light-nature teaches his/its experiences and cosmic legalities, that it found out, the host-body during the whole life of her/its/their material host-bodies.
While the spirit of the body and the body himself finds out this, the spirit develops this experienced through own experiences or events and through the thinking further.
Hint: Comprehending is that the soul is the nature which amounts the human being.
Into which body the light-nature, after the death of the "host-body" inkaniert, is dependent on the skilled one and also is dimension-dependent consequently in that only decided to find only in one certain dimension to inkanierenden body is. (Work-hint: Siehe over the dimension (en)))
The task of the Lichtwesens passes them/her/it ever more shining in general to gain higher dimensions also in it consequently from a dimension to the next-higher dimension, which means, becomes that the light-nature only then must reach this events an ever higher purity (brightness, vibration) in order to rise into a next-higher dimension can if cosmic legalities are kept to.


The goal of a nature determines the evolution, that always has only the goal, that develops (evolutioniert) somewhat to the front.
Therefore, a higher brightness, vibration, purity or this are from legalities, evolution-steps, pauses.

Ascending into a higher dimension has to the consequence that the abilities of the Lichtwesens and the host-body is widened and begins the life-goal of the Lichtwesens with it in every higher dimension of in the front, because the individual priorities of the life-situations or actions are altered in every dimension, to what an Umformung of the life-goal leads.
Hint: A better handling respecting the natures and the matter causes a higher pleasure this.


A dimension to the next-higher dimension leave become a dimensional evolution-step whatever the matter and natures more complex or more complicated this, the ascended nature must learn to handle new abilities well.

The life-teachings in our dimension is to be taken from the life-teachings. (Work-hint: Siehe over the life-teachings)

Symbiosis of body and light-natures:

The light-nature drives in the human being permanently as soon as it sees a good sense in it.
It is on that occasion to be considered, however, that the light-nature partially can also be in the body of a human being, so that parts of the soul can go with important tasks on "trips" or she/it can concentrate generally also on other purviews.
Normally, the soul conveys feelings with activities or exercises so that the host-body learns and recognizes what an activity or exercise evoke.
Or this in general the host-body through it what is good and bad recognizes.
However, which of the purity of the own soul goes correspond to something this only in one size, one itself concludes this the recognizing of good and bad through reflection should widen, since the soul is not indirectly capable skilled from alone to widen.


A soul wins a pure condition, in that learns you well to act and the better she/it masters the good all the more purely becomes and is she/it.
If a soul doesn't stand with a body in connection, so she/it cannot learn the contact with the matter whatever is a contact with natures since they consist also of matter.
However, this contact is necessary for the soul to enlarge by her/its/their good knowledge of the natures and the matter.


As soon as the human being sleeps, the light-nature steps part out of the "host-body" to the biggest out and experiences things, that can possibly appear to the human being as dreams. Nevertheless, it, that prevents the soul, often passes this the spirit of the body these so-called dreams into the awake consciousness as memory takes, so that no confusions originate in the relevant.
However, the forgotten dreams are been confronted to view as big educational-phase for the relevant one the spirit despite this memory-loss with many vibrations, which can cause, there that the relevant one thinks about certain things in his/its day-consciousness.

Relating to this it is to be said that situations and experiences shape the nature so that empirically established figures become ever clearer and clearer in the course of a life, which causes, that the life-teachings is more and more clearly learned through incarnation in the course of usually several material body-lives.

Experiences, situations and problems of the day become refurbished them/her/it the spirit in information, that is pictures mostly, through dreams reshapes and connects so, that a reappraisal or a Kapierung take place. Also, the soul can recognize a problem, and the relevant one the solution-way or a management to the solution-way through a dream tells.

In general the situations, the experiences and problems of the day load different brain-meanders, that are unloaded by the contrary activity of the brain-meanders, what happens through dreams, which the discharge of the brain-meanders guarantees.

if this would not be, so the relevant one would have to generate the necessary contrary activities of the brain through perfect life itself or these Aufladungen not at all let originate, because would originate in the antagonism so large relevant for the Aufladungen in the brain, that he/it would become crazy and dying finally would have to at it.
Furthermore, it, that processes many experiences of the Lichtwesens the host-body, is important so that the host-body an advancement of the Lichtwesens (from a self) through expansion of the experiences!) guarantee.
If the contrasts are the Gehirnaufladungen canceled through sleeping, so the light-nature can influence well through Traumgebung the Relevant one in that the factors to be learned are taught by it and are explained.
This should cause that the relevant one acts better in future and his/its problems solve consequently until no more problems finally occur.

It also is existed that negative energies like bad karma or manifested influences, that were generated strangely or even, in a dream so appears, that this of the negative energy corresponds.
in this case, the relevant one can or should recognize which type of causes of a karma-problem at the moment is available accordingly this the relevant one so can deal.

If nothing is done against this original problem, so the negative perceived dreams, which should cause or can, become ever tougher normally that finally however, the relevant one proceeds against this Negativitšten.

If this Negativitšt comes however from outside and corresponds a not good influence, is so to be gotten rid of this foreign-attempt to influence.
, Work-hint: Siehe over demonstrations.

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