Copyright: 8.10.2008 by: Felix R. Kittel
Over the skill-impoverishment
Description: Treatise over the skill-impoverishment, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
The advance is already a good matter.
One mows the grass or grains no more in the food-industry with the scythe but with a mechanical machine. This makes our food cheap because an individual one can manage so much through machines. One might introduce oneself which it would cost if many workers like earlier had to work with the scythe.
It is similar in the technical industry. It gives them/her/it to presses the sheet metal in the car-industry in its correct figure, for example, brings. One might introduce it to something itself would cost, if many workers had to drive the sheet metal with a hammer into a form.
However, the present-day industry takes, whether food - or technical industry us the skill.
The advance is beautiful and practical, however borders should be placed. It is not advisable all manage, which is possible. For example, elektische are can-openers completely inappropriately.
Generally, the normal tools for the normal use should promote and gotten remains in order to get the skill. There is admittedly already much easier too many matters the one the life makes the skill of the human being total, however, impoverishes.How electric air-pumps for the bicycle or even still today everyday environment-hostile plastic-sinks for tetra-pack etc..
What tackles children, it is important, skill, to promote through more playgrounds, sport and mechanical toy.
Through the technical industry, it becomes only the fingers and the brain through Gameboys dull today, trains. There are children they not even backwards already today can run.
There is another effect with the food-supply today.
Ready-courts are an impoverishment of the spirit and only are practical if either one to lazy or no time of cooking has.
Whether these are I healthy to also doubt dares.
The much cannot cook also a lack of skill and an impoverishment of the spirit probably is in the childhood. Nevertheless it is some brainy one heavily on the other hand to cook for an individual one without much expenditure (at the relationship looked) if one lives alone. A lack of the company of this can become solve this through multiple resident apartments on the other hand.

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