Copyright 30.4.2010 by: Felix R. Kittel
Over the sensitivity
Description: Treatise over the sensitivity, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Sensitivity is ongoing own fortune of detecting and feel. A reaction can gain this them/her/it through sensitivity through high own development in the course of a life consequently.
Dies ist so zu verstehen, dass man, wenn man noch jung und klein ist zwar sensibel sein kann, doch hat man durch das junge Alter noch viel Verkraftbarkeit, die mit zunehmenden Alter stetig abnimmt bis man ab einem gewissen hohen Alter wieder durch meist Gewohnheit und Erfahrung wieder Verkraftbarkeit dazugewinnt.
Whether a nature is sensitive, one can recognize already in the young age through extreme feeling-thrusts of the nature. Only, the Verkraftbarkeit of a young nature still is as said high, according to this mostly is ignored this, because the nature does again well by the feeling-thrust after a certain time. This even can this so sneaking happened the concerned or others, that have to do with the concerned, knows no more why it does badly the Betroffenden. Therefore one must this, be it be the Betroffende or the fellow men of the Betroffenden, notices fast and seize counter-measures, also always in which form. If one doesn't toot this, so psychic illnesses are in the extreme-case obligatorily.
I think this the sensitivity through a complexity of a nature originates. The more in a nature through higher genes or a higher psyche is, the this nature can be more sensitive and more sensitive. This is comparable with a primitive terrain-car and a terrain-car with maximum provision. At the terrain-car with maximum provision, it can go fast somewhat broken while maybe the primitive car holds eternally. Nevertheless, the highly equipped car has more Comfort. This is equally with complicated natures if they are educated right and learn to handle her/its/their complexity.
Also intelligence plays an important role because one is perceptibly more assailable through intelligence because one comprehends more. And if one comprehends more, one is more sensitive on everything, which there is. Be it broadly the matter, that plants and the animals or but also sounds, as speaks or even music.
One also says this educational-devoid of intelligence and trainierbar is. In Japan, small children with "small" tasks are trained from books. Consequently, different functions are widened in the brain. Broadly, brain-masses are free-switched by ongoing concentration. However, this doesn't function broadly. If one wants, for example, more seeing, hearing, speaking, or even the right one thinks that so one must train this like a small child. If one trains too much all at once, so the trained can get lost again through overload of the brain. Some mean too much all at once to want or to must does. In the end, they only has come fiddle around nothing at all of it or it with it out, that cost much strength. One needs to gain much time, silence and patience about really something. However, also natures do something different to natures. I my the one times more tense, silence and patience needs, and another once less. This even is partial dependent on the situation, from the age and from the nature.

In conclusion, one can say that sensitivity can be a very good matter, if one can handle it or if one was educated sufficiently in order to handle it. If one cannot handle his/its sensitivity on the other hand, so mostly heavy mental, physical and mental crashes are the consequence.

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