sence of the life


Copyright: 22.4.2010 By: Felix R. Kittel

The sense of the life
Description: Treatise over the sense of the lives, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
The sense of the life is the life itself!
That is, that one is alive so, as one likes it and joy of it has.
The life should be fun. Of course, one has to be able to enjoy obligations about the life. One must do certain things, as works or a certain income has, and itself about everything something one wants, provides and concerns, exactly so, in which form one wants to enjoy these in order to realize this. This then fights, for example, that one itself about people, like woman, man, children, friends and friends or surroundings, as room or broadly areas, house and garden, businesses or public places or animals and plants and in general the whole matter concerns, like one have it and wants to enjoy.
Of course this is sick for somebody of this, hinders or doesn't have the ability in general, heavily, that to realize. It can also be that certain Materien, since where itself notice one, is missing.
Nevertheless one can nevertheless have joy and happy-ness of the acceptance although much is missing. Of course, this is to be also only realized, however, if the least, as exists enough food, enough clothing and a sufficient housing for one itself. However, this is quite different and individually also on the other hand to view for each individual one, because everyone, and everything different is.
There are which, that for example with a tiny area, little clothing and little or even monotonous food manages, while another would die of it.
Another topic also would be if somebody is venomously or unhealthily alive or wants to live. On this occasion, consequences are to be accepted and to carry. One can nevertheless undertake counter-measures, like movement, particular food or even particular thinking.
Dies muss dann derjenige durch das Erfahren von Büchern oder im allgemeinen Schriften, oder anderen Menschen, herausfinden, um doch wieder durch dieses Erfahren und anschließendes Handeln wieder glücklich zu sein.
However, it is bad on the other hand, if this through incompetence, through the absence of information or even through the absence of matter, cannot be realized.
In conclusion, it must be said that a certain education and a certain contact, force is in order to be able to realize much or even everything!

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