Copyright: 2005 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the selflessness
Description: Treatise over the selflessness, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Selflessness consists of achieving something without asking something for it.
Unselfish people have a high stand and therefore are inescapable to mark as purely.
If however, they ask something for her/its/their unselfish action in the rear-head for her/its/their action, this selflessness consists of selfishness. This can be no selflessness consequently but is something "big" done a type Zwang or, to have achieved, to get finally also about something big. This action therefore is a big selfishness so that that is to be only marked as impurely.
Unselfish people have something in her/its/their lives or decided things comprehended and would like that experiences this other and benefits others. You/they usually are really so confident from her/its/their experiences that a payment for her/it/them doesn't play any role. You/they are content only alone with it if her/its/their action helped.
However, a good helping entails an elation and good energies.
This can quite be called wage.
Informative views also everyone sends at everyone, consciously or subconsciously, his/its feelings about the spirit. This can a deep refuge for the unselfish, that donates his/its strengths in the good sense, and on the other hand power, evokes.
Whoever believes to simply therefore want to be selflessly once is mistaken. Like then is said this selfishness and can change in maliciousness. The relating to this maliciousness then consists of doing something for somebody and then, if one doesn't get anything to punish the one, that one helped. In fact also although not even the relevant one wanted the "unselfish" help, that is no one in this case.
The revenge of the selfish relating to this can be gigantic.
She/it then consists the helped it so well of harming or destroying goes.
It always is his/its actions important for these reasons with that, what these should bring for one, too rated. It is his/its wanted payments or returns important to decide and to also demand in order to fall into a maliciousness through hate someday not.
Always it also is important to clarify whether the relevant one also would like a help, because the one, that has good right, to determine his/its life even. And this also even then, if it can mean the death for the relevant one, or means. Otherwise definitely in the normal case the autonomous learning through cause and resultant effect, that cannot be taken from a human being for his/its advancement.
It is concluding to say, that every nature always gives this, as one can treat feels.
Selfish and angry natures form the exception.
Every action, no matter which, saw a result in the whole one. It sometimes is only the results difficult respecting an usually existing treats incorrectly to indicate right from several actions, so that one sometimes thinks, to become or to get wrong results. However, this doesn't involve the negative and wrong results on the other hand, that originate from the selfish and angry natures.

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