Copyright: 2005 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the relativity
Description: Treatise over the relativity, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Things, at which are looked in reference to factors, are relative.
No matter at what we, if it can be compared with something, look, something same is big and small or expensive and cheap once. It always depends on for what one requires something under the consideration of the autonomous demand. What is called that everything or everyone have a particular material construction, that determines the demand. The repletion of the demand and the possible one over - and sub - - control of the demand finally molds the existence and living on of all and everyone. Important is that not the demand over, or under - steers becomes, so that no disturbances occur in the controlled one.

It is regarded something relatively as not if one establishes it exactly for something or itself itself. Consequently all this is not relative if there are regulations, the relating to this thing steers and establishes. Nevertheless one can rather than relative look at everything since it generally are not general regulations necessary laws, provide big problems for reasons of the individuality. In the medicine for example, everyone is looked at broadly. However everyone is as said individual so that many wrong-treatments take place.
One can say that consequently the complexity of the matter and also the natures, that individuality steers. Sand will hardly harm, for example, takes, no matter as one treats him/it. While a plant already is more complex and must also be treated more complex consequently in order not to harm her/its/their.

All events and conditions are as they are if one looks individually at her/it/them.
A murderer remains a murderer.
At whom one, that we kill gnats and flies, looks, we can consider ourselves purely theoretically also murderers. Only, it steer the approach them/her/it this statement. A gnat to beat is to be classified as self-defense for us. However, the gnat will think quite differently about it. Consequently, every condition is to as either be viewed strongly less strongly or more and more.

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