Copyright: 2005 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the relationship (in reference of natures and matter))
Description: Treatise over the relationship, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
The relationship is all what has a reference to something.
She/it consists of factors, that a get-together determines in any way.
Everything, which there is in our being, has such factors so that one must say that there are no matter, no thing or no nature, that no relationship has. An earthworm has a relationship to the earth, for example, and even one spoon has a relationship to all him/it, for what he/it is used.
The relationship always therefore exists according to which it mediates like a nature or explains. Mediate or don't explain a nature a relationship of something, so definitely the natural reality the relationship.
This definitely also physical or natural qualities.
The relationships of natures always determine the things and natures, with which the nature gives itself away. You/they put quite exactly firmly whoever is one and one does something.
Therefore, it always is his/its relationships important in accordance with, to explain, preferably well. In order to signal exactly, whoever is one. If one actually is pure and nevertheless has a disorder or dirt, the consequence is so that one is treated incorrectly because the given signals don't agree with the actual one I.
That then is an incapability, which means, that one has a big problem.
This problem consists of lack of strength mostly and or self-confidence.
However, it doesn't give them/her/it accordingly conscious also to natures I the own one her/its/their surroundings shapes, about her/its/their I to cover or to simply fake only something, to get about a certain treatment.
It is to be weighed up and to discuss exactly, whether a surroundings respecting a nature or something, real is and is correct. In the course of time, one becomes this even if it lasts a while, determines.
It depends on it, whether one a nature, as it is and one can surround with what, accepts. Nevertheless it counts at the end if one knows it well, only this, as one or as something is, without big consideration with which proper sphere it itself surrounds.

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