Copyright: 14.2.2015 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the reflexes
Reflexes are an important "program" in the organism. You/they actually are applicable in every situation and urgently in need-situations necessary. From primeval times, these reflexes rise in the stood an Organismusses of the Einzeller always more highly up to the highly developed being and has, according to organism, more and more "dear." It depends on how strongly the organism requires the reflexes. If a nature is not endangered, so the reflexes are very low besides "HEARING, SEEHEN, movement, eating and organ-functions (respiration, heart attack, organ and Hormonsteuerrung), FEELS" in which one simply should not intervene so be it him/it relating to this one a pro and wise which one does relating to this. However trenierbar always are she/it and can very much fun and but also very much effort of generating. According to strain and training of the reflexes of an Organismusses, you consume energy (food) more or less once, that also particular, at food-supply, can mean. Somebody of this in the training is and therefore behaves strangely, should therefore not be despised immediately or becomes fehltherapiert through "doctors." One must know just what a training, which a relevant one can necessarily not explain, result relating to this.
Normally physical reflexes are quite clearly certain that one breathes and so on faster or more slowly once, for example. Also one wipes the nose like a reflex once if she/it runs or itches. Also there is Urreflexe, that functions, if one uses his/its hand or his/its arm for the physical protection, if one falls, is threatened, or similar. Also, physical counter-controls of the body are a reflex to the better balance. To the training on this occasion, one therefore uses situations, the body, that normally, hardly or rarely, functions and becomes to the "master" through it. Fun makes this for jedenfall, if one from small at with it starts, matter and his/its body, to test, and then simultaneously of course matter and his/its body together.
Now, one gets the mental reflexes to this, that are necessarily used to the exercise of the physical reflexes, since discipline of the spirit is to this necessary, like in general concentration, and meditation, to the partial regeneration, until to the wanted "trance." To this, one then should the actual mental reflex, like replying actions of the negatively influenced spirit of abschallten can and can hold to 100 percent under control. (Of course one can reply positive influences of the spirit positively, one should be able to hold this also to 100 percent under control however. Trenirbar is this through intellectual material "bike" what (somebody with it under a certain control of extremely "tormenting" and confronts) this then can must away-put carelessly in the end.
If one can now apply the two reflexes (spirit and bodies) in extreme form, controls and masters, so one is the MOST his/its even which depends also in the keen hardness-degree, from physique and intelligence of the MASTER, however.
The most important on this occasion always is the good self-control and self-control, however, that one can never go bankrupt, in order to turn into the angry unjustified "killing-machine" not!!!

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