psychic illnesses


Copyright: 2003 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the formation of the psychic illnesses
Description: Treatise over the psychoses, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Through experiences and wrong treatment respecting one itself, Aufladungen take place in the spirit, that discharges through normal recuperation and sleep.

Such Aufladungen take place without that to the recovers enough discharge and is slept, takes place a Nichtverkraften and resultant overload in the brain so.
The consequence then has this that brain-areas overwind and consequently psychic illnesses cause.
On this occasion it doesn't play any role through how much a human being went.
It is important that one knows that each brain respecting his come to terms with and respecting his/its abilities differently can have structured.
It is the sensitivity they the coming to terms with the things in connection with IQ and abilities predominant certain.
However definitely on the other hand the IQ and the abilities the sensitivity.
What I with it my and to take into account is, that a human being can sicken immediately strongly with lowest as well as with strongest demand.
The complexity of a brain determines this.

Addiction one itself of the lowest animal until to the most complicated human being one out, so one will determine that this is correct.
If I consider what a rat of all endures.
It also goes differently, however: If I paint, what rarely occurs complains, my dog draws in the tail and sneaks from the room. It plays not any role whether he/it is meant by it or not. He/it doesn't know something similar and doesn't have consequently relating to this any not coming to terms with.

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