Copyright: 2005 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the power
Description: Treatise over the power, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Power is everything something caused something or can cause.
One can even say that a fly has power through her/its/their possibility of the flies. In fact so strong that can extremely annoy her/it/them us.
Power is staggered of more bodily until mental and mental activity.

Physical activity:

Under physical activity is to be understood that the relevant one his/its movement-appliance from easily until very strongly uses.

Mental activity:

Under mental activity is to be understood that one from the understandable harvest or hearing his/its spirit until big inventions uses.

Mental activity:

Under mental activity is to be understood that over the feeling-world, what the soul amounts, everything comprehends and what gets in the way of one understands.

The mental is to be understood as absolute power, because over the correct sensations, alterations of every sense can be achieved.
The most considerably, however, also the ones are, that can something, which others can't.
We all can somewhat better or less good through our individual fortune. Only is crucial in the end, how many, something particular, can. If it is many, so it is everyday and, to mark very considerably as not. If however, it is little, so one is in demand in order to scoop out this power. This of course only, in so far as one knows these abilities of one. Therefore it is no wrong pride to tell to what one is in the situation. It even is very important, about a making progress, firstly from one itself and secondly for the universality, to guarantee. Only one should not boast about his/its abilities that it hinders essentially only a the development, because the belief in the ability is jeopardized.
In general it is important that one uses his/its abilities in order to become unsatisfied not until one finally stunted.

However, there are also bad abilities and is to be withheld the best, about something similar for itself and, not to promote the universality. This is not to be confused with honesty, however. Honesty is an important factor in order to feel good.
One always also must weigh up whether the power, that one could practice respecting something, is good. A withholding respecting abilities therefore is or somewhat sometimes inevitably and doesn't have anything to do through this big factor of the prevention of negatives more with the lie.
Broadly viewed is valid, whoever has the most power can also have most problems inevitably, because small things this over the higher abilities themselves over the recording, on the relevant one can work.
If one looks only on one physical type at this, so also only physically affected problems will appear.
The rule is that the physical, physical, and the intellectual, corporal and intellectual problem can get. While the mental, problems can get in all imaginable problems.

The mighty is not concluding mighty to say, that power-abuse always consists of it, him/it, after her/its/their wills uses. This always is negative, since the integral comprehending, respecting which used is not comprehended, so that mistakes, that can be very negative, occur inevitably. If the using would comprehend the particular results of a particular ability fully, so he/it could manage it himself. That is not, that no one can work for one, only this is important right about results and, to coordinate in the good.

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