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Over the polarity
Description: Chapters about the polaritären interactions in the human being, as they are right and as one makes her/it/them health too useful for itself.
Everything something a contrast in is carries, can be marked as Polaritär.
These contrasts have also an overdose (+) through it and a too little (-) things in itself.
Broadly seen, leaves itself infer from the contrasts on the other hand, that the whole polarity is not anything further than an overdose and a too little things.
If one transfers this on the behaviors of the human being, so what is to be marked as right, is the elimination of an overdose or a too few.
Therefore, the health of a human being consists in figurative sense of behaving polaritär so this no overdose or too little respectively no too strong contrasts originates.

Example :

Silence or work I for example only, so this can be regarded as overdose.
Silence and work I, so this is much and too little at the same time and is the elimination of the too strong contrasts and, to view as harmony consequently.


I take too little or overdose sugar into the coffee, so I behave polaritär since it doesn't correspond to my taste.
I now take just as many sugars from my taste into the coffee like it corresponds so this is the elimination of the disharmony and, to mark as right consequently.
However it is to be heeded on this occasion that the correct behavior depends on it, whether the instinct the manifested enough human being and is not disturbed.

Look at the human being and try to find polarities in him/it, so you will determine that all polarities, that it at the or in the human body gives, as is to be marked right.

All polarities at the or in the body is left and right, Z. B. poor, eyes and legs, and this yields the neutral middle again in sum so that the disharmony is turned off again in these cases, since the middle is together left and right and the middle is neutral one on the other hand. Also, the body-parts are in the middle of the body, as not polaritär the sex-organ, the nose and the mouth, since they are in the harmony of the human being through the middle-ness.
With the inner organs, it now depends on which organs balance from the function or vibration in reference to other organs so that these are to be viewed as not polaritär.

The polarity lets itself use also with Körperdehnübungen and must also be kept in order to achieve a neutral middle, what means that an one-sided lengthening exerts a negative effect on the body, that is not wearable, with Körperdehnübungen.
That is, that you never should lengthen a body-part only in one direction but as said also in the opposite direction, about itself, not one-sidedly and, to lengthen dissonant.

Equally, it is also with the mental attitude and with the material contact that a human being practices.
Everything is, which is important on that occasion, that one mentally and in fact always should be in the middle and should itself so restrained that no overdose or appears too little; because all other doesn't correspond to the health of a pure healthy human being.

Example of the mental attitude1. it would be wrong to even keep an eye on cent for savings-reasons, if the advantage of this savings low or hardly from meaning is.

This would be different if this economy measure is connected with the environment, for example, and is therefore used by a matter little.
The savings is no savings but an antipollution measure, that also a savings-effect carries in itself, in this case.
(Furthermore, this is to be looked at because of the environment-aspect as correct contact with the matter.)
2. it would be to be kept an eye on money incorrectly for savings-reasons if something else is cheaper in the same type, but for it the environment harms.

Example of the material contact

It be wrong to spend so much money on a certain matter not to do which under normal conditions or these actually not necessary is, because possibly she/it hardly used or is used to capacity.

Tip: Only decide if you tested all important facts or factors and linked.

Polaritäres behavior as harmonization:
(Harmonization of soul, spirit, bodies)

An unit is the soul, the spirit and the body belonged together they. Therefore these of these individual elements cannot be separated through disharmony because the human being cannot live without one of these elements.

In order to lead a harmonic life, it is important that the activity of the soul of the spirit and the body is represented immediately strongly.

In order to realize this, it is necessary to activate the individual elements if necessary.
Is however to be on this occasion also heeded, that the human being has mental, mental and physical dispositions and it is comprehensible consequently, that the spirit cannot be used so strongly with a physical type.
Nevertheless the physical work is to be quite equalized through mental activity, this mental work won't be so qualitative only in this case as with a mental type.
However the quality of the implementation necessarily doesn't play a role on this occasion if she/it is found sufficient or maximum for the relevant one.
It only is important that the relevant one uses all elements of the body immediately strongly after the feeling the relating to this value.

* Under a mental activity is to be understood that, the nature in a big feeling-world lives and also spiritual active is.

* Under a mental activity is to be understood that, the nature his/its spirit through thinks, learning, harvests and through linguistic communication in claim takes.

* Under a physical activity is to be understood that, the nature his/its body of easily until strongly uses.

A mental activity is connected with the spirit's activity mostly and can be activated only by spiritual reflection or correct philosophy.
If a nature is predominantly mental, so it should restrict his/its mental activity not only to spiritual things but now and then normal mental activity should practice.
Furthermore it is important that the mental type practices also physical activity.

A mental activity is not necessarily connected with mental activity.
Therefore, the mental type should think also of feelings and at physical activity.

A physical type necessarily should go practice thinking and these so well it at mental and mental activity.

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