Copyright: 21.8.2010 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the poison
Description: Treatise over the poison, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Poisons are substances or things, that inflict damage one, several or something.
The more venomously something is, the fewer is necessary from the poisonous substances or things in order to cause damage. That is that also is poisonous relative. It always comes become assess at all as poison after it at how much from a poison. It always is so that somebody or something, poison tolerates until it is enough from the quantity of the poisons that it is poisonous. Consequently very much can turn into poison although it actually doesn't count as poison. Medication this actually should help, becomes to the poison, if one overdoses her/it/them, or fehlmedikamentös are occupied. Many foods like fat cheese, fat meat or sausage, sugar and salt, becomes to the poison, if one eats too much of those, although these can be very healthy. Even low tracks of poisons in food or things, can be informative poisonous, in that they effect one or several like homeopathy. On this occasion, however, it is a matter of long-time-effect they this certain, and with what one doesn't know with these effects in the end from where it comes, because one possibly thinks, that one respecting somewhat always acted so and a problem never had on that occasion.
However, the worst poisons are, this, that don't decompose in the nature. These invariably get into the nature with an use and seem informative for the first time, until it is finally so much that it harms really very much. Should one make approximately one table, in which stands, that tolerates somebody or something so and so much poison, in order to scoop out this totally?
I don't think! Although this is done with medications over instructions. For many scientists, it respecting the consequences is not conscious respecting poisonous medications which happens if these poisons are secret over urine and Kod again. One doesn't keep it in mind because one wants to help schnellstmöglich over medication without keeping an eye on late-night-consequences. (And this not only over medication but also broadly!)

It is concluding to say that we poison our planets and all what is on him/it, they itself with many poisons doesn't fade.
I can hardly list the poisons. However, I know that it many things like for example washing liquids, detergents (broadly detergents), furniture (inventory), plants or animal husbandry (whether for food or to the enjoyment), beverage, packages, colors, medication, glues give also on natural basis, and not poisonous must be.
HP: If poisonous, whether over production or in the final product, more expensive would be, as non-polluting, so this would not be bought over the consumer and vanishes.
Poisoning-taxes respecting each individual poisonous material could regulate this.

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