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Over the right one pendulums
Description: Chapters about the correct possibility, over a pendulum, with matter-draws lots natures over yes, no and neutrally, communicate.
(This chapter is all those dedicated they it cannot leave or can want, because this is not to be almost mastered and is debatable, whether this is Gottgewollt at all!)

Following natures are available for the pendulum:

The evil, the spirit-natures and the light-natures.

Nevertheless is to be prevented that is commuted with the evil or with the spirit-nature.

In fact therefore, is:1. the evil is interested only in angry Antwortgebung, that consists of it, to inflict on devious type Schaden.

2. the spirit-nature an underdeveloped light-nature, that cannot give any truthful answers mostly, is because it doesn't have the experience and means in order to give truthful answers or, to find.

1.) about, the nature with those you when commuting in connection, not to harm, stands, you shouldn't pendulums near electric appliances, because affects this too large oscillation.

This should therefore be heeded because a light-nature consists this of vibrations these through other vibrations so can be disturbed.

2.) requests you with the pendulum about a light-nature and for which pendulum-work you require the light-nature says you exactly. (I ask for a light-nature, that now me with (pendulum-work specified) wants to help and can.
Ask as long as, until the pendulum answers three times with "yes."

3.) questions you with the help of the pendulum, whether you now get along the nature with him/it in connection, a light-nature is.
If you don't stand with a light-nature in connection, you break off the connection and try to build contact with a light-nature again.
(Connection-demolition through: "End of the communication")
The connection exists no more if you are "answered the pendulum with the question with "neutrally" there.

4.) is a connection with a light-nature produced, so they should thank this light-nature before the questions that it has time for you, and them/you wants to help.

5.) places you exact questions, that are always taken literally, and questions you first, whether the nature knows the answer to the question to be put.

If the nature doesn't know the answer to the too inquiring question, so they ask the nature, that finds out it the answer to the too inquiring question, until the nature answers with "yes" with this question about the pendulum.
If however, the nature doesn't know the answer to a question after more-Mali-towards requests, so the possibility exists that:1. the nature the answer to the question cannot find out.

2. the nature of the opinion is, that she/it should not know the answer.

3. the nature now no more questions would like to answer.

To 1. on this occasion, it is possible to break off the communication to the nature and to ask for a light-nature, that the answer to the question knows.
However, one must thank the questioned nature before this communication-demolition.
It doesn't play any role whether it helped with this examination or not, the good will is he/it counts.

To 2. you/they should accept that they cannot know certain answers because they respecting the nature are terraced with another examination otherwise what can result that higher natures don't answer them any more questions so that you must pendulums with low natures.
This then results again that they get unkorrekte until wrong answers with the pendulum.

to 3. they determine over the pendulum, which not behagt the nature, and correcting she/it this.
Mostly, it becomes however have ask this already so much you this that too inquiring nature accepts the Fragerei no more.
It can also be that you to take advantage of the too inquiring nature, because they are interested in a thanks for the given answers in keinster form.
It can also be that they ask unnecessary questions so that the too inquiring nature therefore is not again willing to answer.
Unkorrekte questions are also the reason that no reply takes place.

TIP: In order not to get any wrong statements, the commuting should remain neutral with every question and should free itself before the pendulum-work from negative factors like hate and aggression.

Possible question :

a, debit I me into the sun puts.
Mistakes: The word "shall", the nature is not appropriate a suggestion there should give and no "commands."

b, should I me into the sun puts.
Mistakes: In this question is not to be recognized, when you should lie down into the sun. The answer to this question is not to be taken seriously since the nature itself establishes a time.

c, should I me now into the sun puts.
Mistakes: This question is not right since nobody can lie down directly into the sun.
Right is: I should let myself now shined on from the sun.

6.) thanks for a very long time you for the given information after the pendulum-work, until the pendulum answers with "no."

7.) finishes you the communication with: , End of the communication)
With this communication, the pendulum should answer with a "yes."
If the pendulum sprouts with "no", you should determine for a very long time through questions and answers, why this nature doesn't want to break off the communication with one until the pendulum with the communication (finish the communication) answers.

Question, is allowed to, should, shall, must:

I" "allowed to mean the question that is somewhat allowed even if this harms one itself.
The question "should be I" a recommendation or can also mean that should be somewhat general.
If something should be, and it be be so on the other hand to be asked as it must be.

If something must be, so it doesn't play any role whether it should be different.

If something must be, and it cannot be on the other hand, is so to be asked, how it should be.

If now you a pendulum-question respective with is allowed to, should, shall and must, puts, so you will determine this differently the respective answer precipitates.

TIP: ", Pendulum-law)"

Erpendeln you only this which you necessarily should know or would have to and such, that not you through asks from other people, thinks, explores, looks, looks up...) be able to find out.

HP: One never knows certainly exactly whoever gives the answers!!! Any angry Viech always can it is belügt consciously the one about one pure-grows.
Beherschbahr therefore is not right the pendulum!!
Furthermore, nobody almost is not so neutral about the given answers about the own psyche to beeinflußen!!!

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