Copyright: 2005 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the pain
Description: Treatise over the pain, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
The pain is a condition the not desire or come to terms with.
She/it lets us, if she/it exists long, become sick until she/it increased so strongly through illness that one dies of her/its/their.
It is a matter of inner strength, that means, how long we endure a pain.
It rather also plays a role how long there is a pain. If a pain is only low to classify and but exists however very long, this can be worse, as not a big one long existing. If we break a leg of ourselves, for example, so this is only one matter of short time, that determines the pain, sooner. Be missing us a finger, however, so the pain exists for a very long time until the relevant one came with it to terms.
It is a permanently existing pain to possibly therefore influence, however, through it so, that is she/it no more existent.
As said, it is a matter of time in reference to the strength and come to terms with, whether one a pain, no matter as big she/it is, can endure.
Through Informationsgebung, be it through words or through homeopathy, it is to be possibly manipulated the spirit of the relevant so or to rather improve or to reinforce that miseries exist no more for the relevant one. However, this only then is possible, if the attitude and also the will is broken respecting a pain consequently. It is a matter of the own consciousness whether a pain is a pain.
Over the wills in reference of the consciousness, we steer our feeling respecting all.
If one now wants, that a pain is a pain, she/it will remain so.
If we assumed it, that we all could crawl only annoyingly, once would be so to be called this normally. The pain this one cannot run, bestünde not at all.
It therefore is a matter to consider his/its condition normally in order not to sense any pain. Whether somebody can more, as one itself, no role plays because it always gives the other better than one to matters can even. It is a matter of understanding and the acceptance in order to view as normally his/its condition. Problematic always is, if constantly reminds others one on his/its pain. However, this is not applicable to things, that the one can alter. These things are admittedly agonizing in this case, however, only normal problems be sooner to be neutralized them/her/it.
It always go important, so well working actually, no matter which one has for a "small" or "big" problem.
Improvements always are possible, it sometimes is missing one to realize only the correct data about this.

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