Copyright: 20.11.2008 by: Felix R. Kittel
Over the money
Description: Treatise over the money, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Money probably is the mankind's most important invention.
We get it through performances and return it in order to get performances.
However, money-lack probably is the worst civilization-illness. Through poverty and greed, everything is laid out on costing little.
Animals to the food don't become artgerecht and with growth-hormones held the products of the animals with it through lowest expenditure cheaply is.
Plants to the food are treated with pesticides and artificial fertilizer in order to increase the profit.
It becomes technology and the demand for the life as cheaply as possible and through unnatural things, produces.
People are almost enslaved by her/its/their need about the survival in order to get a big profit through cheap work.
This of all would have not to be where it sometimes is only little money in order to guarantee a better life for the world.
The market economy determines this through our purchase-behavior. Because many people through poverty and greed buy only the cheaper product, it is virtually impossible that they can last companies nature-consciously for itself and justly producing. Therefore, better laws, that determine the harvest of the things, should be created urgently. It should be laws they prevents, that products and performances originate, that a way in any, harms inflicts.

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