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Over the mind
Description: Chapters about the most different informative processes in the spirit and the explanation about the possible attempt to influence and correction of negative Geistesmustern.
The spirit is an information system, that is complex so, that it is difficult through determining causes and facts in him/it.
He/it is deposited in the brain as manifesto unit and consists of vibrations of most different type, that change through experiences and activities partially or originate again.

A practicing activity is a result of vibrations in the spirit, that in the past through events, experiences and activities or exercises was generated. This practicing activity can cause that itself they in the spirit of deciding vibrations of reinforcing, Neuformen or altering.
This happens in that vibrations generate an exercise of the spirit, so that most different experiences meet in the past, that is stored as vibrations in the brain, with the vibrations, that is evoked by the present exercise, and partially generate a new vibration-system through it or certain vibrations reinforce.

On this occasion, following processes can run out:1. vibrations can be reinforced by the same resultant vibration of a certain activity.

2. absolutely new vibrations can originate in the spirit.

3. it can be lifted a vibration through a counter-vibration in the spirit.
This process is very important to neutralize about Negativitäten in the spirit.

(To this, it can be a big help, if carries the relevant crystal, the set counter-oscillation in itself has, the set adverse oscillation in the spirit neutralizes and through it for many areas in the spirit effective is.)
To be heeded, that be different each human being so that every vibration can be for the nature badly and well at the same time. It depends on which vibrations the relevant one requires to remove about his/its Negativität.
Namely, different vibrations like love can, understanding etc.. necessary is in order to lift a certain Negativität little by little.

4. in the spirit, old vibration-patterns can be altered by new vibration-patterns of the present. This then happens, if this to transform through the new vibration-pattern through lengthy perfection of the opinions and the knowledge is transformed.

Add a new information, that consists of vibration (en), through the thinking, the Sinnesorganen, or through experiences and activities into the spirit's existing vibration-system on top of this, so a partially new configuration of the spirit's vibration-system takes place afterwards which equals a production of new vibration-patterns.
Therefore, it is this configuration important to admit through putting in from activity-pauses to evoke about no Kollabierungen of the spirit.

Experiences and activities generate so many vibrations with the length of a life in the spirit that the causes and fact-search of a problem becomes ever more difficult so that the relevant one almost only is capable itself from a certain age to solve a mental problem even through really thought actions or to remove.
Namely this on this occasion helping will hardly still be in the situation, itself all factors, that amounts the problem of the relevant, to be moved in together or to remember itself/themselves these at all.
Furthermore, the relevant one is in this case to hardly name all important factors of practicing in the situation.

If the relevant one could communicate all important factors of practicing, the help-seeker itself would be to be solved his/its problem in the situation which lets result that the relevant one would take the help of a practicing not at all because of this problem in claim.

This is different if the relevant one is not capable to move in together the causes and facts through recognition in order to be able to fix the existing problem through it through correct action or if he/it lacks information in order to reach this.
It can also be that the relevant one is in his/its problems of verharkt so, that he/it cannot think from the solution-way to the elimination of the problem or he/it can therefore not go this him/it.
The relevant one cannot find the solution-way on the other hand or practicing, so it is important that he/it influences this them/her/it himself him/it with means enables.
If the problem is not to be solved, however, through an auszuübenden way, so only the way of coming to terms with of the facts is left for the relevant one.
This can be realized on the other hand through a rethinking of the problem or through meditative conditions.
If however, this is not possible, is so to be applied means on the other hand, that make this coming to terms with possible.

If is missing the relevant piece of information about the recognition and elimination of the problem, this of a Nichtbegreifen of the life-teachings equals, and a factor, that the relevant one should teach through comprehending itself, is consequently.
(Work-hint: Siehe life-teachings)
Example: If a nature doesn't have any understanding, in order to recognize a cause of a fact, for example, so he/it should make this understanding conceivably for himself over the life-teachings.
Also it is so if a nature in situations, in which it would have to show understanding, doesn't show any understanding that this situation gives the nature just sorrow.
However, that is not conscious for the nature this sorrow, through the incomprehension justified is, so that the nature thinks through receiving injustices.
This therefore is in this case so, because if he/it had the knowledge, that he/it is uncomprehending, he/it would become this removing in order to generate no sorrow and, to live through it about a better life.
It should be kept this every problem, that impairs one, that problem-cause is informed of, it in mind so that a problem-elimination can take place through discussion.

The practicing can nevertheless try the relevant certain factor, that occurs in the life-teachings, on the basis of to expound from devised examples and to explain.
However this must become so conscious for the relevant one even through reflection that the right causes and effects of the problem appear to him/it as real. The concluding removal of the problem also then must appear to the relevant one as right in reference of cause and effect of the problem. However this recognition of good and right is recognized by experience in the normal case what the practicing therefore really must explain to the relevant one.

Removal own negative manifested information of the spirit:
(Siehe over demonstrations.)


Through meditative waiting the spirit (meditation), the spirit works with itself so that new information originates through the existing information in the spirit in this spirit only through these existing information.
However this only happens if a goal was placed internally or subconsciously.
(((Nowadays, this phenomenon often is interpreted this as intuition so, what intuition or own mental working is cannot be decided)))

Procedure for reference of mental problems

Mental problems are problems, that were generated through wrong actions and through wrong contact with the natures and the matter.
This untrue story and Umgänge then generate a negative feeling in the soul so that this feeling informs the spirit of these.
These feelings then are understood through it so that the nature gets rid of this feeling through correct action.
Therefore every feeling should, that watched in an appearance firstly, and is interpreted the natures and the matter right in reference of actions secondly, in that is considered, whether now well badly this feeling, or right in reference of the actions the natures or the matter is.

Procedures:1. if the feeling is good and right, so the relevant one doesn't need against the relevant situation proceeds.
2. if the feeling is however good and wrong, so a disturbance, that was probably evoked by bygone experiences, consists of the relevant one.
Therefore it is important in this case that the existing disturbance is gotten rid of through corresponding counter-information in the spirit.
3. if the feeling is bad and right, so the relevant one should tries what evokes the bad feeling, through accordingly correct actions in reference of the existing problem into the good to Poland.
If however, this is not possible, so the relevant one should part with that, what evokes this bad feeling.
4. if the feeling is bad and exists in the relevant misinformation respecting the relating to this situation incorrectly so.
Therefore it must become clear for the relevant one through recognizing and reflection that this feeling is wrong so that the feeling becomes right and good in connection with resultant correct actions through it.
Act right the relevant one relating to this, so an Umprogrammierung of the spirit takes place slowly in the positive.

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