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Over the medications
Description: Treatise over the medications, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Medications can everything is something one to itself takes or can feel. These are food, seasonings, herbs, chemical and natural means, consequently but also hearing of music, physical contacts and even frequently only conversations as well others.
Applying are medications for the first time preferably of course. If one suffers from stress, overexcitement or similar, for example, one should first tries over calming music, massages, conversations or in general medication, that are not to yet be earned, to bring itself/themselves again in the unison.
Einzunehmende means, besides food, are only a "fast" way consequently to reach about somewhat fast. Is debatable however whether this helps permanently. Doctors want to create remedy as fast as possible. However, it is debatable whether through means, whether chemically or natural pills, not only the symptom veils.
If somebody is sick, so one should search profoundly for the causes. Sometimes, only a certain matter is missing with a defect in the body, spirit or soul. Whether food, movement, conversations, financial contribution or other. Nowadays, one covers the symptom with a chemical or of course strong means although maybe the one needs a paarminütiges conversation or a particular meal only once per day.
Even with smallest things, that the body, spirit and soul require, quite heavy illnesses, that assesses differently and is diagnosed, can originate as only for example a simple conversation once per day. Again, it is said to, to look only for primitive means, to heal about itself even.
Chemical and natural clubs are only fast consequently and simply with the hand, if it is about cure. However, these are not permanently effective, if it itself not only about one temporary simple flu or similar deals.
Concluding is promises, that somebody of the medications needs, also always in which form, very strongly dynamic must or should, about for itself the right one and, to find the most effective medication permanently consequently. One to this actually needs a doctor, who tells one, to which doctor one must go. This is the house-doctor normally, who refers one. The question only is, whether this summons exactly knows. This therefore should know as much as possible about the symptom, and like this symptom came about.

HP: Even the house-doctor and other doctors know been gotten according to my opinion exactly like the health after not yet.
She/it always is individual, and reaches through lack of misinformations and time, not the wished goal.

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