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Over the karma
Description: Chapters about the change-game of mental energy through emotions from natures to natures; still, it is explained which Karmen gives and as one gets rid of her/it/them through development.
Karma is a type "negative" energy-form, that the natures allot themselves with wrong actions in a certain sense, in that the original purity partially decreases through it in a certain form.
According to him/it, which mistakes the nature commits, the purity takes, that in the figurative sense from luck, naturalness, understanding, love and purity passes, the nature from, in that that karma, altruism, is given to artificiality, hate, anarchy and "impurity."
These karmas then are crucial how incorrectly a nature behaves which leads to illnesses.
Karma is reduced on the other hand in that the relevant one proceeds against his/its Negativitäten.
However it is to be possibly also dissolved karma artificially and can only then be executed, if the necessary legalities are kept to it.

The karma-energy settles in the stellar area of the soul and is used that the nature determines when a bad action was committed and is to be called which actions badly.

The karma changes the consciousness in the spirit of a human being in the negative one also like in the positive sense.
In the negative sense, the consciousness, according to which which karma exists at the moment, is changed so that dammed the abilities like understanding, love, to think naturalness of itself or at others or to do the ability of property or to recognize this and is blocked consequently.

In the positive sense, the karma causes, that is to be actually assessed negatively, that this negative consciousness-alteration forces the nature into the reflection through malaise in reference of natures and matter and the illness emerging from it, what this means the relevant definite verdict through it wins and this sometimes is only the single way in order to realize the development of the nature through reflection.


Act a nature unlovingly opposite the matter or the nature so, this leaves the nature or the matter him/it unlovingly natures acted this sensing.
This causes this, the unlovingly dealing nature is forced into the reflection of the elimination of the unloving-ness.
If this necessary pressure on the unloving-ness is not enough, so the corresponding karma causes, that the relevant nature feels so unwell, that this nature the unloving-ness through thinks and deals, removes.
However it can also be so that the relevant one doesn't recognize, this it him/it through his/its unloving-ness does badly, so that it must be made unlovingly understandable for this relevant one this he/it acts.

The karma can increase so strongly through the mistakes of the nature in this that the consciousness is influenced so strongly negatively that deals vicious which exists from partially conscious negative actions, that consequence is, that hardly keeping it in mind through it is, that the relevant one thinks about these actions or, if he/it gives serious thought to it that he/it is blinded so, that he/it regards the negative actions as justified.
It can be the initial stages of this negative final outcome that often, the relevant one starts to collapse which can still be regarded as unintentional into this case.

From this one can recognize that an artificial karma-dissolution is necessary in some cases so that the relevant one at all still is capable to realize his/its good life in future in the positive.
However the relevant one must work on itself with a karma-dissolution and some factors filled so that a karma-dissolution causes a lasting success at all.

With a karma-dissolution, it is to be heeded that karma can be important for the well-being of the relevant.
If perfectly the nature is not yet so wide to act, because it doesn't have yet enough experience in form of data with the contact of natures and matter and has not yet learned sufficiently because of this inexperience, the consciousness-obstruction is to be only partially dissolved through the karma because it would know which actions incorrectly exactly without these nevertheless be in the situation paradoxically, however, to be acted only right or this the relevant certain story consciously wrong wants to do and this also does so that the karma-dissolution would cause a pain in a form of extreme mourning in the relevant one.

However, karma is useful, because if somebody breaks a cosmic law and the ability of the violation finally then causes through a consciousness-obstruction loses what causes that cannot still be disowned against the legality, this is a protective measure in reference of other natures and the matter.
It could be recognized that someday, if every nature acted well respecting the matter and natures, immediately deals.
However if one assumed it, that this would do every nature, every nature nevertheless became act differently because the genetic disposition from natures is different to natures and another Prioritätensetzung and other exercises are placed by this disposition of every individual nature and become.


If a nature is assessed to execute an activity of a certain form and sequence, so it will also do this.
On this occasion it doesn't play any role whether another nature recommends to him/it to execute this activity differently as it exports this.
The corresponding nature will always execute the activity from genetic disposition so as it is for itself at the best feasible.
Equally, it is to be conveyed a nature love also with the activity.
It becomes Z. B. through his/its sedate mental feeling-world always a form of the Liebesgebung chooses, this it now the best can realize.
This of course, in so far as not particular Liebesgebungen are wished by a nature, that can fulfill it and wants.

Artificial karma-dissolution is an advantage as said with large accumulations of karma.
The karma-dissolution of connection with the observance of certain prerequisites is to be marked as well if other natures actually built the own karma, for example, which can happen if the other acts incorrectly and one itself knows exactly this incorrectly this action is. This causes this against the actions of the other bad, to which a construction of own karma can lead consequently, one itself fights.
However this karma is not absolutely unjustified since the relevant one could proceed against this generating karma in a certain way in the advance, if him/it incorrectly dealing through discussion this wrong action so is made clear this he/it this omits.
Also karma-dissolutions are good if is clear to the relevant one which karma exists in him/it and that the relevant one wants to proceed against this karma through this knowledge and it through the resultant feeling of the karma-dissolution also does.
It is a big help to sense through the karma-dissolution namely as it is if the karma doesn't exist and to also realize better consequently this to learn and to remove, what the karma causes.

With the artificial karma-dissolution, following points should be heeded:1. he/it to treat must, his/its relationship-problems start them/her/it through an individual karma-dissolution as relating to this help to solve should function.

a, relationship-problem of people:

This should primarily be solved with conversations and if this is not to be solved on conversation-like basis, it would be to be parted with advantage from that, what causes the relationship-problem.
(Work-hint: Siehe life-teachings)

b, relationship-problem of the animals, the plants, the matter

This should happen through relatively long reflection
, Work-hint: Siehe life-teachings2. he/it to treated should recognize his/its actions mentally these in the past until to the present rectifies and finally regrets the bad of it, according to this he/it itself through experience, to act right in future, can trouble.

Tip: The relevant one should start mentally been rectified relating to this to analyze his/its actions of the present going out until to the wide past and to refurbish through it in the mistake.
(If the reappraisal possibly is not should leave help itself the relevant one of a practicing so.
With this second prerequisite, this adds must be dissolved a certain part of the karma with the relevant on top of this if necessary, so that fulfills this at all the relevant one and can comprehend.


If the relevant one is blocked through the karma so, that he/it doesn't have the ability through analyzing his/its life and refurbishing, so this blockade must be lifted through a karma-dissolution.

3. he/it to treat must be artificiality with reference to the human being willing to take the trouble in future, that animal, the plants, the matter and, to remove with reference to itself.

a: He/it, that inflicts from egoism, that harms matter and the natures, is egoistic.
No egoism is, if is thought at itself and no nature through it or the matter harms is inflicted. Exceptions are measures on this occasion, that are necessarily used to the life.

b: He/it is unloving, the hate perceives.
However, hate can quite be perceived, if what is quite just is disowned against just love.
Such hate should not be proceeded against by karma-dissolution but should not be tried that he/it contravenes against this just love, to convince, that the unloving-ness is bad.
(It knows, that it is bad and it nevertheless does, so it is vicious.)
c: He/it, that not even tries to understand something or somebody, is uncomprehending.

d: He/it is unnatural, for example, the unnatural product consumes or uses.

Every alteration of the origin is an alteration into the artificiality.

For example, tea is natural.
If however, I extract from the tea somewhat out, so this is again unnatural.
Consequently, there are admittedly many materials they through it in the nature occurs, however, if one treats her/it/them of course, one cannot start anything with these materials.

In reference to the genetics:

Heeding is that the evolution is a process of the good development, and that that therefore is natural so that this should not be changed by processes of the artificial development.

In reference to the matter:

Heeding is that the nature should be connected only with naturalness, so that through trades only such materials, that occur in the nature or are created combinations of materials, that occur separately in the nature, through the action, originates.

e: He/it, that doesn't cause any damage, is pure.
Exceptions, that serve the justice, are such.

Tip: The relevant one should think broadly about the life and preferably all factors of the life with includes.
(Work-hint: Siehe life-teachings)

Explanation of point 1-3

To point 1.:

If point is 1. the interpersonal relationship-problem is not filled by the artificial karma-dissolution increasingly perceived so that strong aggression of the relevant against the relationship-issue can occur.
Since the karma, that was generated by the relationship with the relevant one and now exists no more this, causes this a worse relationship with the relevant one because this is felt by the karma-dissolution simply more strongly than bad. Furthermore, it can be found to be able to influence the relevant relationship no more so well negatively through the bad energy of the karma, which the consequence of the artificial karma-dissolution quite is, unfair.
Hereby the not solved problem can be activated again by in the front and builds karma again through it in the relevant one, until finally the original problem much more badly than is before.
The possible consequence of the default of point 1. is that the relevant one feels indirectly forced through the karma-dissolution and can even be inclined to dangerous short-reactions, because more negative memories are not them/her/it in the proportion of the at the moment existing karma, on the relevant one works.

To point 2. :

If he/it doesn't change positively to treat, mistake, karma in the relevant one, originates at the same karma-tables, so that an artificial karma-dissolution in the end yields the justified results no more no sense, and the relevant one for his/its mistakes, receives, which unjustly not and from cosmic view justifiable is.
This is not concluding wearable from the view of the practices either, since the practicing with a default of point 2. karma can attract to itself.

To point 3. :

If he/it doesn't work on itself to treat in future, the karma will reconstruct in the relevant one through new mistakes in the course of time so that the treated would come again and again to a treatment.
This absolutely would not be wearable since the artificial karma-dissolution should be only a temporary solution anyway, and the treated for his/its bad actions and actions actually exactly should stand, so that he/it also notices, which actions or actions a negative effect with itself pulls.
And the relevant one needs a certain negative resultant feeling relating to this in order to proceed against this.
However, this is to be judged individually.
The treated would lose much lifetime, in which something positive could change, through what the practicing would have committed a bad action what can cause that the practicing repeated contempts with many to the fulfillment of point 3. no more or hardly still, artificial karma is capable to neutralize.

Prerequisites of practicing for the artificial karma-dissolution.

1. the practicing should be capable to help the treated with the prerequisites of the artificial karma-dissolution so that he/it is capable to fill this.

Reason: If he/it can't this, so an artificial karma-dissolution of the relevant is not possible permanently.
Furthermore it is on this occasion debatable whether is capable the practicing to decide, which and whether karma should be dissolved.

2. the practicing must be capable to meditate and to concentrate.

Reason: It is the practicing not to meditate in the situation, so he/it hardly becomes in the situation after a treatment to regenerate itself sufficiently, which mean, go back this the capacity so strongly for this exercise, that he/it is no finally more capable to practice this.

It is the practicing not to concentrate right in the situation, so he/it won't be capable to execute this activity at all since the correct concentration amounts the grade with this activity.

3. the practicing must be as pure as possible so that he/it doesn't transfer any bad energies on the relevant one with the exercise and the purity of the exercises is guaranteed with it.
If he/it didn't complete the life, so he/it will bring him/it to treat through a treatment only so far as it corresponds to his/its status of the life.
It can be gained only a grade of the relating to this treatment how it corresponds to a self.

4. the practicing must be able to commute right in order to retrieve absolutely necessary factors with the pendulum.

5. in order to act right with these activities, the practicing was supposed to have comprehended the life-teachings.


Mental karma: Evoked by wrong even deals in reference from one from natures and the matter.

Mental karma can be apportioned in following groups.

Karma of the GLÜCK'S

Karma of the NATURALNESS


Karma of the LOVE

Karma of the PURITY

These Karma's can again through generates from own luck, naturalness, understanding, love and purity are dissolved in the relevant one.

Following "laws" are them/her/it can be brought applicable to me with the Karmagebung in connection.

"Law of the luck" :

Take and give to the natures at least (if you can) just as much as well as you this gives and from these takes. (Matter, love, understanding.

"Law of the naturalness" :

Even behave other natures and you opposite natural and leave the matter so as she/it is, in that you the natural matter molding, collecting, cuts in the natural way through presses, heating, filters, mixing, etc.., uses at most together. (Artificially produced connections, that the nature cannot produce or brings, are unnatural.

"Law of the understanding" :

Try to understand the material, the nature and the mental in that you search, hinterfrägst and real facts accepts.

"Law of the love" :

Love your next, the plants, the animal and the matter like you and take care of these equally, as you take care of you yourself, it be it for this to mark as badly.

"Law of the purity" :

Find a good way, all your good ones and, to have command of the bad emotions and actions before all, in that you look for a good and pure solution-way for a very long time for each Auszuübende, that involves you, and realize this also, if you found him/it.

Exercise of the artificial karma-dissolution1. put all necessary factors they to the artificial karma-dissolution of the relevant belongs a, which Karma's the relevant one has.
b, co how much% is the individual Karma's settled with the relevant (0 - 100 percent) one.
c, how much% from the individual karmas requires for his/its well-being the relevant one.

2. undress before a treatment of negative factors3. Visualisieren she/it the whole body of the relevant in the corresponding karma-dissolving light-color. How much Visualisierungen you must practice relevant in him/it, definitely you can and grade relating to this.
(This Visualisierung happens in another dimension in her/it (that is settled light-bodies of the relevant).

Over the luck

Luck stands with many qualities in connection.
For example the well-being in the family, at the job, in the nature, in the circle of friends or broadly in the surroundings of a human being. This doesn't mean that somebody cannot be happy, for example, if something disturbs in his/its family or at his/its job for him/it. That is in this case of a type Einstellungssache which has much to do with the Prioritätensetzung in connection with acceptance of the human being. The prerequisite to this is obvious that is not disturbing changeable, because acceptance of events or things and consequently also the luck in one only then can originate, if all imaginable one was done against Negativitäten. In fact therefore, because there is everything something and one knows a mental effect about what in one itself has what is called that a good psychic feeling, like luck, only without Negativitäten and or through acceptance in reference of Negativitäten, can originate.
A not positive sign of a partial lucky-lot-ness is that some people need any objects, that don't correspond to her/its/their situation.

for example:

If the situation originates this a vehicle is required, is so to be obtained a vehicle, that is enough for the wished use.
It is not a vehicle to choose, that have feature, that is used not or hardly. (Wrong contact with the matter)

If they have these objects, they hold on to these matters and are a while more externally than internally happy. Later, they need to sense a new object or a new matter again (apparent) about a lucky-feeling etc..

A good example, in order to determine, what luck is, a child is, who would like to have an ice. If one gives an ice to the child, so it is happy. If one doesn't give any ice to the child, so it is sad and sometimes starts to cry (material luck).
However it is to be heeded that an ice is something "quite big" for a child.
Heeding is that, if a child weeps in order to get an ice, that an extortion can be this.
This is not to be confused with wines of a child, however, if wrong sorrow was inflicted him/it.
It is quite important to know that a child for itself tries out all possible possibilities, about from all something it, to get with the lowest expenditure, wants.
The luck is egoism applied even more important is, if one looks only in reference of itself at it itself and applies.
It depends on it that luck to cover on comprehending and practicing of the harmony.
(He/it, that doesn't need anything further, which he/it already doesn't have, is happy although he/it has not everything.)

Over the nature

The natural means that we should be alive of course, a natural life-attitude should possess and that it allows us us so well about our body on a natural type the situation, concerns. Therefore, I connect naturalness with health and purity (covered bodily).


If a nature behaves of course, so it therefore doesn't pick up any poisons and recognizes his/its physical ailments and gets rid of these of course, which every nature-conscious nature does.


No poisons or foreign-materials, that are poisonous, are in the naturally treated food.
Furthermore, the natural human being like everyone also, illnesses, recognizes, however the natural human being is not these symptoms solicitous through any symptomatic treatments, that are medical poisons from present-day view, to remove but tries this on natural basis to realize like for example the decreasing in reference of heart-problems.

This then has to the consequence that through the natural consciousness, purity in the mental and physical one, and health through mental and physical actions in the nature originates. However, this doesn't need to be the permanence, but a factor rather is which these conditions backed.
Natural consciousness is, for example, if one manages somewhat consciously instead of mechanical help with body-strength or if one solves problems with mental or physical strength instead of artificialities like poison or machines to the elimination of the problem uses.
With reference to naturalness, there are also positive consciousness-conditions. For example, the nature-conscious people use to a not exaggerated extent for the nature and for other people.
All excesses and addictions are absolutely unnatural for me, like for example people, that constantly have the feeling, to have to work, or people, that so long jogging, until they sink formally into a type of trance-condition.
He/it is of course, that, if it allows the situation, everything uses something the nature produces, without with it "foreign-bodies", that don't grow in the nature or were not produced from growing, to use. Of course it also is if one realizes something one for itself itself amounts. (Spirit, bodies, soul and particularly the emotional area.)

Over the understanding

Understanding stands with much in connection.
For example understanding of the laws, medicine, technology, music, environment, natures, matter etc.. For this reason, understanding has to do also something with intelligence. The more intelligently a nature is, the it can be more sympathetically since more factors can be comprehended, that amount the understanding, and can be learned. However, it can increasingly also be proceeded against understanding by it, however, what through wrong-information and or blindness happens. Whether impure natures can gain enough intelligence on the other hand and to pass consequently enough understanding about impure actions, I dare to doubt since also other developments with itself pull a higher development like understanding and intelligence. It is hardly possible that a nature develops only in a particular type of development without that other developments, that are important for the own continuance, to develop. Exceptions are such unfortunately, if uses impurely impure, pure.
Understanding also presupposes, however, that him/it to understand, much patience, attention and before all silence must be brought without one becoming aggressive or turns away from this to understand in order to understand right and, to finally act right through it through all correct factor.

Over the love

If one turns plants to natures like people, animals, itself, so one brings this, love and attention respectively contrary to.
Equally, it is with things or matters. An example for it is, that if one performs some Handwerkliches with too little attention (love).

The result of this partial aware-lot-ness is that this Handwerkliche doesn't become so good how the skill of a self can be.
I think that also already once you something with mood and joy, and some with little attention and a little hate did. The result of both procedures will probably be most different Art although it the same exercise true.

I infer that many mistakes then originate, if too little love, that is shown for activity or the natures. This finally generally can then lead that is destroyed natures and activities so bad is, that they don't make any sense.
Over the purity

Pure people often are wise and complete since they don't hate or are egoistic, because actions this on hate or negative egoism is founded obeys the relevant nature harms to, to call what impurely, is.
Therefore a nature is purer, harm it all the less inflicts.
A damage was created when pain or a negative alteration of the existence of the relevant one originate. (Also in reference to the matter!).
The result of the purity is to be also been helpful and to consider itself/themselves previously which must be done in the most different situations.
A pure human being tries to find a good solution-way for everything, because somebody of this often or predominantly badly deals can never be pure.
Therefore, the pure human being is his/its good thought solution-ways of the existing Negativitäten solicitous in his/its surroundings to teach others.
Because very much sorrow originates in the relevant one to be able to tell the Negativitäten in his/its surroundings by the look of itself.


One can compare wisdom with the purity and thoroughness of a human being.
The more wisely a human being is, all the more completely and he/it is purer.
This is so, because a wise human being much over the correct life, over the emotional area, over all things, over improvements of all the type, and over his/its and other surroundings, thinks.
He/it tries to check his/its feelings for the correct type and practices the correct contact with the matter by thinking about it, like everything right is and itself in accordance with the thought effect molds.
Therefore it can be said that the effect of the wisdom is in all things an Art Perfektionierung of the good.
(The good results of the reflection and the best possible action, actions and communicating are wisdom.)

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