Copyright: 2005 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the infiltration
Description: Treatise over the infiltration, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Infiltration is a Gebung of data with the aspect of the truth and correctness.
Whether this now is really true and right, no role plays for the Infiltrator. He/it wants to cause that only solely, which amounts the infiltration or causes. Namely controls, that are supported alone only by it and entertain, this, that hold the relevant ones through the infiltration for good and right.
Infiltration always consists of two processes and that is, that the good negative, and this negatives well-made becomes. (It is different-around with the Defiltration.)
If one thinks exactly about it, one determines that the one doesn't make any sense without the other and doesn't work consequently.
If one doesn't make something good negative, one will be able to hardly replace this with some negative one so.
The purpose of these processes serves the power probably alone, the money or because of the cover-up.
Sects feign conditions in order to win her/its/their profit from it through moneys.
Politicians feign conditions in order to win power and, to get.
And then, there are still organizations, predominantly for governments, that hush up, if an infiltration loses her/its/their effect or is recognized.
This of all probably are processes that goes out from individuals or groups in order to attain power through Polung and to get.
It has the appearance that a right good living on is irrelevant although the damage emerging through it is quite immense.
The nature is disregarded, for example, because existing non-polluting solutions appear too dearly. We are in a modern time relating to this where natural solutions admittedly exist, however we still through the power of the habit into the old poisonous development is involved.
Essentially, the people carry a big blame of these processes. It wants to live and for money-reasons of course also cheap. Essentially, I don't do this differently. However one should control oneself and should force to leave something poisonous and should invest a little more money for the things required to the life. Often, it is not very much money more, which one must pay for more non-polluting things. A rethinking is urgently necessary. Even if is spent for somewhat more money, it often is a necessary measure in order to have more from the bought. There is much favorable dirt, that fills his/its service at the beginning. However if one constantly must renew these, it probably comes more expensive more expensive than something and, to buy more long-lived for it.

Infiltration is not to be confused with truth and correction. In the end, this process happens almost equally like at the infiltration. However, the backgrounds serve the good and often has something with losses and, to do selflessness. One can say that this is a Defiltrierung, that always serves one good matter.
No matter whether infiltration or Defiltration; the press has to always lay the table the important role, events, in which direction no matter. However, the sensationalism is in connection with the edition or viewing figures of newspapers, radio, and television - programs deceptive. Much corresponds to no more of the truth or is overwinded and is manipulated also in reports.
The best, one always forms themselves an impression, from a situation or situation. Since however, something does this also again with data does has, it falls heavily.
However if one collects her/it/them in the head and then moves in together logically, one will probably always get a particular truth after a certain time. One must consider if one pulls together facts, that something is not always correct, if they don't match logically. Often, also "Hü-Hot-Pferde" are on the way they the one once and then say the other again. It is a matter of logic as said to recognize the right and the truth and to discuss.

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