Copyright: 26.8.2010 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the illnesses
Description: Treatise over the illnesses, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Illnesses are negative results of wrong actions and wrong food-supply in reference of the own genetics.
That is that, if one incorrectly deal or eats incorrectly, one becomes on short or long sick. However, that is to be viewed to each other. If I act in a certain way, so I need a food exactly they on this action is coordinated. If I eat in a certain way on the other hand, so I can only act so what the meal can achieve in one itself. Nevertheless, no matter as right one acts and eats, there are borders, that over every individual genetic code an each individual one(s), is stipulated. One then must these borders alone or finds out with help of others for itself. Also, there are dispositions, that are detectable already in the childhood. If somebody reads very much, for example, it can be so that he/it is assessed mentally. If a child extremely lives in feeling-worlds, so it will be assessed very emotionally. Waxes the muscles fast and sumptuously, so one will be assessed bodily.
In order to return on illnesses, one must know his/its disposition exactly in order to avoid things, that don't correspond to one even. Many misjudge this and are the stupid in the end. Also is to be considered, that one can still make for a very long time much incorrectly young for consequences one is.
All these matters are illnesses, that are embossed through the disintegration of the body. Of course, there are also other illnesses, that are caused by viruses and bacteria. These then are according to my opinion only through natural medicine-teas, until, if it doesn't go differently to fight with medications of a doctor.
Also, there are mental illnesses, that through wrong action, whether from one itself or others, originates. Broadly said, each spirit can through negative information if one starts negative to comprehend and nothing does negatives against this. In conclusion, one can say the intellectual disease through every information, that can originate the body, that spirit and the soul involve.
Mental illnesses are to be indicated heavily, because one these according to my opinion, often with mental illnesses compares. That is to be indicated heavily because the soul steers the spirit over feelings. However, I can say that if somebody has extreme abnormal feelings, that this of mental nature is. This can also be felt negatively positively like however over the spirit. On this occasion, it is the spiritual development of a nature important to discuss in order to really be able to help. She/it can either be too high or too low. If she/it is to high, so one should discuss which extreme-forms one must omit. If she/it is one to low karma so has, that through pure color-therapy and from it resulting wanted development can be remedied.

This only can become remedy illnesses in conclusion to say if one admits this and wants. Exceptions are such if somebody admittedly wants, but for particular reasons can't. Mostly, this has with money-lack of a doctor-visit or but, to do also through incompetence.

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