Copyright: 3.9.2010 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the hormones
Description: Treatise over the hormones, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Hormones are activation-materials, that steer many in the organism.
The main-hormones are male and female hormones. Man and woman, according to whom they exist in man and woman like strong, steer these how strongly one is male or female. This is very variably and from man to man and woman to woman very different. If this hormone is very strongly existing, so the relationships from man are extreme to woman or woman to man. This then means that extreme sexuality with all feeling-worlds takes place between man and woman.
Still, there is growth-hormones, that function consciously quite strongly, full-grown until a nature. These are poured out the brake over the genetic code of a nature until this mechanism, the growth moves and stops nearly quickly. And this definitely on everyone fells the size of a nature. Of course, there are growth-hormones, that one can supply artificially, however these only effect the size of a nature in the normal adult-development-phase. Apparently therefore, because the genetic code of a nature doesn't admit this or one has not yet found the right hormone to it or doesn't know. Bodybuilders use to get these hormones about fast muscles, however why does this only respecting the muscles work? Therefore it must, how I spare, one genetic block said existing relating to this is, this, not to break through, is.
This same process is equally valid for growth-hammers, that a sense has only in the normal growth-phase, if one doesn't want to become so big or doesn't want to let muscles grow in the adulthood.
It becomes quite diseased if a man takes women-hormones to turn into the woman about approximately, or if a woman does this vice-versa same to become about a man.

My opinion is that one cannot give artificial hormones at all because there is a keen mind in the genetics of a nature, whether and which hormones in the respective nature existing is. And before all things to which time in concerning to the whole life-span of a nature. Is, for example, one to the reproduction, also always for which reasons, been suitable no more, the sexual-hormones relax automatically. If one overcharges this artificially, so it can is degenerate this the descendants over wrong-heredity or simply is not useful anything. It makes already a sense if a man becomes impotent. Natures nevertheless do something different to natures, however, and even varies in the same nature-form. This happens through wrong action and wrong nutrition and particularly through taken poisons. There are so extreme differences through it in the same nature-form that even identical twins can differ respecting the hormones of extremst if they lead a different life. Differently said, there are still over 100 year old ones they children can testify, where one must wonder in the whole one, why they still can this. It seems that therefore it, as said a mechanism, that switches off hormones with all consequences with uselessness, in order not to endanger the evolution of the natures gives. That is very meaningful and never should be overcharged by artificial hormone-offering.

Concluding is to be said that, whoever takes artificial hormones, should not beget any offspring not to cause about genetic disturbances in the offspring.

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