Copyright: 2005 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the harmony
Description: Treatise over the harmony, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Harmony is caused by the word "Unison" and means in the end that one has to sound equally as the natural surroundings pretends it.
This means that if we are in harmony, that we perfectly then appeared into the natural balance of the nature.
That is but also that we everything respecting the nature and his/its almost magic possibilities, comprehended.

We always are whether it now is wrong or right, in the unison, that corresponds to our surroundings.
If one transfers, so this surroundings emerges, which consists of several things, into sounds, a keynote adds, that either sounds wrong or right.
The right sound always is he/it, however, that corresponds to the nature. This therefore is so because we simply come from the nature and live on her.
This this most wrong sounds, is almost inescapable in our world, since the artificial and wrong, more and more and more, grows.
If however, we want to be right in harmony, we must learn still much to handle the nature right and must do deductions respecting the technical possibilities.

Disharmony is a disturbance, that is embossed through the multiplicity of Negativitšten, in the figurative sense. One can go even so far and can say, that this Negativitšten is a mental disturbance, that beats so strongly on the psyche and the organism, that illnesses of invariably progressing.
As said definitely the integral harmony-system, the nature.
However, we grasp at present, so strong into the nature and the natural walk one, that one must hope, that that remains remaining, what is invariably required for a harmonic life.
Through the much artificial, we drift into unnatural more and more, which a sound, that doesn't correspond to the harmony and is a way consequently, that can never correspond to the health, is as described.
As said, all what the nature determines, is harmonic because we come also from the nature, and no art-natures are.
There is hardly an animal in the nature that if one doesn't disturb it or influences, not harmonic is.
To Oder, approximately however, it gives which they without, for reasons from food, conservation, and defense-purposes, aggressive is.
Yes, these hardly become even sick.
You/they come with that, what they from the nature get, to terms and feel well and blissful in the normal case.

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