Forbidden things


My opinion of nessesary forbidden things
* Flavours. - reason : that desturb the instinct in refer the food, so that the organism going confused. * Hormones. - reason : the giving of hormone is not the nature and desturb the genetic. * Growacceleration of plant. - reason : that decayes the plant geneticly, because the plant have not enough time to build there own building. * Genetic changes every way. - reason : the nature is a joined in his perfect effectly system, so that every changes a desturb of all caused. * Plastic. - reason : plastic is poisonous and can not be recycled rearly. (exception : bags for rubbish and the refrigerator, bottles for wash-products.) * Tinnes, cans and bottles who are not used often. - reason : that cost to much energy. * Production of concentrations. - reason : the people can not associate with these. (exception : alcohol, drying of fluids.) * The filtration of separate substances from plant. - reason : the effect of a plant is completely, so that these filtrations are nonsense and dangerous. (exception : things for the industry.) * The production of unnatureally things who are not exist in the nature. - reason : All these things have a big poison and must not really exist. (exception : electronic or technology who can not work naturally.) * Taking of medicine without insoluble reason. - reason : this is a destruction for the organism and cause throw the superhuman result, that the normal worldsystem going down. (exception : coffee, tobacco, alcohol.) * Profiting of humans who are in misery like hunger, unemployment and homeless. - reason : the normaly economic can not compete. * Working things where going to fast ill. - reason : that results to much unemployment and a deficiency of jobs. * Taking of chemical medicine without using a naturally way at first. - reason : if you are in chemical effects a determine time, it can be, that you can not going out of these. (exception : emergencys.) * Production of products who are not work sufficient or to fast break down. - reason : this cost to much materie. (exception : things who can not longer exist and can be not better produced.) * The getting of food from long distance. - reason : the food from other climate-areas is by the evolution not fit. The transportation cost to much energy. * The unrecycling of raw materials who are not growing. - reason : the raw materials are going gone. * Production of nonsence like many one-way-products. - reason : this is a wrong company with the materie and cost unnecessary raw material. * Artificial manure. - reason : the nature is not in consider to these, so that the plant is in normal growing desturb, that she goes dependent geneticly. * Chemical injections for plant - reason : the nature is not in consider to these, so that the plant give up and not agait against there problems. * Poisonous if there exist an unpoisoned way - reason : poisones ways are mostly cheaper, so that the unpoisoned ways have not a chance industrially, because the people want cheap things. * Increases and spreads by that the nature do not come with it. - reason : in that direction the naturally ways are not longer possible, so that a compulsion poisones take place.

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