Copyright: 24.8.2010 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the feelings
Description: Treatise over the feelings, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Feelings are emotions, that are always evoked by causes.
These causes actually then are everything something one over the senses, the spirit, that perceives bodies and the soul. However, a respective influence from natures can evoke a quite different feeling to natures.
Broadly, natures sense more with a particular influence once, less, or but also nothing at all. Relating to this, it depends on it like strong, the soul, for which spirit and the body of a nature are distinctive and which are these accustomed. Also it is so that the respective feeling varies with disturbances in a particular influence. Extreme forms this is this itself somebody, for example, pleases if hurts he/it has, instead of to ailments. That is as ill, to classify, and can be reflexes from the past, that consist of wrong treatment of the relevant. Also, outer influences can be evoked very serious psychic reflexes by information about the business interest (TV, newspapers, etc..). These reflexes can, so big effects became the some consciously criminal without them it from Überlebungsnot. I don't want to claim that the business interest always is bad. Correct enlightenment always is advisable. However, there are very many bad communications, that one must know not at all. Particularly negative films about the television are to blame, that it simply shits much some no matter on the world is because they simply already are too hardy.
In order to come on the feelings back, it is important, that one knows, that one learns oneself, about firstly, over feelings like one from birth on to reach decided somewhat respective must hold back and secondly, his/its life in the positive and necessary one to lives. Each creature on our earth doesn't do this it through any reasons disturbed or sick in this respect is. This is a reason-lying development of all natures, that is innate and can exist at all through what lives.
If one doesn't act after these things, so one first becomes unfortunately and unsatisfied, until one sick becomes and dies even earlier.
It also is quite plausible that if one gets negative feelings through negative action that cannot get the one permanently.
However negative feelings are caused with certain things only when one knows about correct and true information that one acted negatively. Therefore correct truths are to be quite spread in order to persuade one to the reversion, what normally also happens, because it actually gives no one to him/it it through negative feelings wants to do badly.

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