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Over the evolution
Description: Chapters about most different processes of the development, through evolution, in general and but also respecting one even.
Evolution become develop an increase until the perfection this everything in all things, which are called.
However it also is so that some ever more negative develops, which actually therefore is no respecting development.
Sometimes, however, however, a backwardness can be good if factors occur, that were not given previously.
However, the development cannot be canceled in these cases so that other natures or the matter damage is inflicted.
They have given this you these so high objectives for itself, for example, cannot fill or can go at the base with the implementation of the goal, they are not ashamed this for itself you your goal or her/its/their actions down-screws.
It sometimes is better something through slow evolution of transacting namely as until finally is given up to stagnate in a high activity.

It is better to join the evolution than to break the evolution-law because the evolution also means to act more and more well, which result, that a better life can be led by harmony and sorrow-lot-ness.
Act a nature against legalities, that is possible with one certain Evolutionierung no more, so it is received the legal penalties, which sorrow, illness and disharmony generate in the corresponding nature.


Material natures live in a system on precautions of the matter.
If there was not this system, so the material lives would not be possible because this must be protected in the total in order not to endanger her/it/them completely.
And however, it is beautiful to handle the matter over the material life and to enjoy her/it/them consequently, be it only also if one looks at her/it/them, she/it touches or leads itself to nature.
Therefore the laws, to which must be kept relating to this, are to be accepted and to pause because this guarantees the pleasure of the matter.

The higher one develops, all the more strongly one can handle more complicated and more solid matter what causes that climbs also the material pleasure and contact relating to this.
However, more solid Materien are to be found in higher dimensions, that are only gained, if one evolutioniert itself, that as said, a development of the "good", which the recognition and observance of laws comprise, is.

Evolution from the matter respecting the human being

Evolution is the process of the development.
This development can be positively and negatively at the same time.
If this development is positive, so a good striding ahead takes place in the things, in which one develops.
That is this with corresponding development the feelings or abilities of the matter positively was increased.
If the development is negative, so striding ahead like above is described only that this striding ahead then is negative.

Is however to be said to this that the positive development an increase of the pleasure in (the matter, the plants, the animals and the people) caused.
This therefore is so, because the matter through the positive development, the plants, that animals and the human being better will handle and therefore repel this on one this themselves.

With the development of the negative, two points are to be heeded.

a, the human being of pure nature is, feels as sorrow this adverse generation so and negative.
b, the human being impure until to the angrier wildlife, so this human being finds this negative development positive.

Example of the correct handling in reference of the pleasure of the matter, the people, that animals and the plants.

1. keep an eye on the health respecting itself a human being through evolution, originates respecting illnesses, no sorrow, so, since hardly any illness takes place through the Gesundheitsempfinden.

2. keep an eye her/it/them on the matter (for example a chair) a human being he/it through evolution in him/it is in the habit of and treats well, so he/it always has a not worn-out matter the pleasure in to have, that looks beautiful and gives a positive feeling to one, possesses.

3. concern and one worry about plants, in that they are only treated of course, so splendid healthy comprehensive plants are created.
To this, this become use them/her/it for the eating to heed with plants, these, which have an effect positively on the body through it, healthier and non-polluting is.

4. one treats animals with love, understanding and naturalness, so these are content and happy.
This factor is so big relating to this that he/it has an effect this so positively on the psyche of the animals for itself you healthier remains.
The factor of the nature-treatment with sick animals, who are used for the eating, settles also on the health of the human being of course.

5. act the human being respecting itself and other people with good and right feelings, so this positive action is mirrored on the practicing people down.

Evolution from the genetics

The evolution in the genetics is the process of the development in the nature itself.

This process of the development can be apportioned in four groups.

1. the development of the people.
2. the development of the animals.
3. the development of the plants.
4. the development of the matter.

In the individual human being, the genetics develops in that he/it finally trains individual processes into the genetics of the relating to this practicing people through development until these changes.
This is the reason that there are so many human-types, since separated another way from other human-groups individual human-groups hits or hit.

Is relating to this to be heeded, however, that each individual human-group lived differently this itself the individual human-group under other climate-conditions through the climate so had to develop, as other human-groups in another climate in order to guarantee itself/themselves a survival.
The nearest reason of the different development respecting the human-group under itself is that this is jointed into many social Statuße so that each Menschentyp developed in the human-group respecting her/its/their status after her/its/their fortune.

Following status-developments are possible:1. people, that can do itself it through her/its/their fortune, to train her/its/their spirit through trainings develop her/its/their intelligence-quotient.

2. people, that exploit her/its/their body through her/its/their mental incapability, develop a high mental and physical endurance and coming to terms with.

3. people, that through mental activity, speaks feelings lives, learns itself until you in all things perfects.

The evolution of the animals is a process, that consists of a certain adaptation, without the animal being able to decide to take another and assertive way.

That is, that only a way, that consists of it, is entitled the animal itself the on the spot given nourishment and, to try on climate-conditions.
Also, the animal develops defense-mechanisms respecting other animals in the same climate-area.

Sturgeon-factors of the animal-system

Enter an animal into a climate-area, that doesn't belong in his, so an Umkonfigurierung takes place which consists of adaptation of all animals under itself.
However the animal must decide such a step for itself because such a step can happen only slowly.
If you decide such an insertion the human being into a climate-zone, so a collapse of the whole animal-system takes place.
This therefore is so because the human being can realize such measures only too fast and too unchecked.
Namely, an animal has also a consciousness, that cannot be steered in the nature.

Decide the human being on the other hand, in that he/it takes care of the animal in the free nature, so a spin-off of the animal from the system of the nature takes place.

Reason: The animal gets used to the human measures against itself and therefore is in the situation after one certain time no more without surviving this measure in the nature.
Also a disturbance of the animal-system takes place through this concerning step because every intervention in the nature changes a fact in the nature and every alteration results an alteration of the total of the total.

The evolution of the plants is an adaptation, that consists of adaptation to the light, the growth-nutrients and the animals.
Changes light, nutrient and animal-relationship, through unnatural artificial processes so a Neukonfigurierung of the plant, that takes place faster, takes place relating to this as the human being can get used to this Neukonfigurierung.
This bad adaptation respecting from human being to plant therefore happens so badly, because plants carry faster propagating and therefore a faster heredity in reference of the adaptation in itself.


Heeding is that the plant adjusts the fastest.
After this adaptation, the animal adjusts itself because of the faster reproduction before the human being.
Also it is to be mentioned that an adaptation of animal and human being of the adaptation of the plants headed, since lives in the reason of all from the plant, because the foodchain is jointed as follows.

1. nutrition of the Erdmaterie.
(The plants practice.)
2. nutrition of plants.
(The animals and the people practice.)
3. nutrition of meat.
(The animals and the people practice.)

On this occasion it is to be recognized that it is impossible for the animal and the human being to reach the first foodchain.
Therefore, it is important not to disturb the plant through unnatural processes, because cannot adjust itself in reference of the plant the animal and the human being in the possible development of the unnatural process.
This therefore is so, because the process of the development of the nature, cannot be done more completely firstly and cannot be managed sufficiently slowly secondly.

The human being commits the mistake:

a, in that he/it alters the light-circumstances through climate-change.
b, in that he/it alters the material food-forms of the plant.
c, in that he/it intervenes into the animal-system.
d, in that he/it creates artificial Abwermechanismen through sprays.
e, in that he/it performs genetic changes.

It can be the changes of the light and the food-relationship so serious that the plant alters her/its/their content-materials through adaptation so that the human being is no more viable with a certain degree through this alteration, because the offered food-forms appear venomously to him/it and become poisonous in the end.

It is to be determined whether plants at all still grow through change of the human being through sprays, artificial Düngung and greenhouses in the free nature and can survive.
If a plant is treated with sprays, the own Abwermechanismus of the plant is discontinued so.
The combination of plant and sprays is so serious that the plant thinks not to need to protect itself/themselves respecting illnesses and insects.
If there is this process permanently, the development of Abwermechanismen is discontinued completely over the genetics.

Respecting from plant to animal, to heed, is, that many plants multiply through the animal, in that plant-fruits are eaten and are retired again at another place.

If the human being intervenes into the animal-system, in that he/it offers (trough) an artificially given food-offer so is promoted by this action of determined plants of the increase no more.
This action can have an effect so serious, planting dies out.

If you alter the reproductive-type and building plan of the plant the human being through artificial influences, so this doesn't correspond to the legality of the nature, which needed eternally in order to create this in this type.
This action of the Umkonfigurierung has serious consequences because everything adjusted together in the nature and developed.
1. one alters a type of an original development so, all other would have to affiliate at this development what an Umkonfigurierung of the total evokes.
However this process of the incorporation is to be calculated impossibly so that this should be forbidden.
2. God created everything in a certain harmony so that each alteration at the system is a negative sturgeon-factor, so that seen be an Umkonfigurierung a destruction of the total for the long term.
This is to be noticed at the beginning as disharmony, until the natural system starts, itself the disintegration wanted not God to alter through Mutierung.

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