Copyright: 29.09.2006 by: Felix R. Kittel
The human being has himself very much developed with that, what he/it creates. However, this development is caused by only one single group, from intelligent people, that can probably handle also it. It rather is the entire mankind respecting the contact to view with the created products. This is greedy and wants to manage with the lowest expenditure of all, reaches, uses and enjoys. Therefore, there are as cheap as possible products, that don't stand with the unison of the nature. It is products predominantly, that deliver more profit and money through a poisonous cheaper production. In fact for the reason, because the individual human being is stupid and only that sees, what he/it has before the eyes. That is this he/it for example a salad, radio or similar sees, and this with the eyes respecting the seemingly same products compares without comparing the quality or virulence. The human being always takes the more favorable product consequently if must watch on money he/it, as most people. Because of this total and because natural and qualitatively better products appear more dearly, laws, that induce one to it, should be created in order not to say to fall back on quality and before all things poison-loose products forces. This necessary measure is necessary in our time of dringendst because we further-multiplied so strongly and can apparently not handle the environment since we extremely poison the environment every day. And this, although already it much non-polluting or at least with essentially fewer poisons for the environment gives.


The solution of this problem could be (also such this from the import comes, because the own country otherwise only would live on the import and impoverishes through a departure of the companies consequently) poisonous and venomously produced products within the country poisoning-taxes for finished. And this little by little in a height the non-polluting product more cheaply and consequently more attractively in the purchase is. Because of the competitiveness, the poisonous products, that are intended for the foreign countries, should be excluded from this taxes. We are only at the beginning of these overcomings, according to this it at the beginning of first the matter of a respective country is in like distant these poisonings admits. However this should happen only for a very long time until the respective country is capable to be able to lead a non-polluting life over non-polluting products.
(The money resultant from this taxes could first flow in companies, that want to switch her/its/their poisonous products to non-polluting products. Subsequently, this money could then benefit the citizens.)

Tips:1. batteries could be replaced predominantly with accumulators. In order to execute this, accumulators should from establishes loaded the immediate usefulness to the sale and is respecting the freight in the silence-condition permanently. (It is the comfort of a human being predominantly to buy normal batteries instead of loading constantly accumulators.)
2. plastic-casings could out of wood, compressed Segespänen or out of aluminum exists.
3. packages of sausage or other food-sources could coat paper, cardboard, hard-paper or wood liquid-rejecting from wafer-thin exists.
4. sheet metal - and glass - - cans could from tetra pack exists. (Cans, like inlaid cucumbers or chilis, that often opened and is closed, form the exception.) It actually is sheet metal and glass of course. However it is to be found out whether the high energy-consumption is appropriate to the production of these products. The poisoning through products is dependent also on the lifespan of a product!
5. fresh vegetables and fruit only should in the stores over same-rod-weighing out of the included timber or paste-boxes are sold, in what the stores get these merchandise. The bags necessary to it could be out of paper, that should be sufficiently long in the length, so that one can lock the bought true through folding.
6. liquid-soap or similar products should be sold only in after-filling-pack. The liquid-donors necessary to it or others to it necessary receptacles unbefüllt could separately and are offered. Also the necessary labeling could consist of a sticker, that is included with this of after-filling-pack.
7a. Shelves and closets should consist only of pure wood (no Pressspan) and metal.
7b. Upholsteries should only out of wood, rubber, leather, cotton and metal exist.
To 7a.-b. These products already have to can afford this so long-lived a citizen something similar.
8. tote bags in stores should not consist of plastic but exclusively out of paper or cotton.
9. normal computer only should it domestic use for reasons of thrift for material and electronic prefabricated parts (with a Notebook, these are settled smaller and more compact) for the normal gewerblosen in molds from Notebooks gives. The development respecting the computers be this so sophisticated this development for the normal use much too high already today. It is the matter of a manufacturer to offer also products, that suffice a normal use.
10. if one should cook exclusively with gas, since a craziness is over to generate stream is warm and then is warm again from stream.

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