Copyright: 15.8.2010 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the energy
Description: Treatise over the energy, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Energy is something, which causes something or starts.

The most important energy is the cosmic energy, that shoots at the matter, so that life originates. Furthermore she/it is a type Sprit for all nature-forms by making the running out the natures possible.
The second-most important energy is light, the higher being to seeing requires. Furthermore, the light of the sun, heat, that all nature-forms require, generates.
Food-forms, no matter which, leave run out energies, that the nature gets, and builds. A nature only preserves itself and doesn't build his/its lost one, so it goes in for asceticism. This process is to be viewed so that the relevant nature as long as lives, until all reserves of the relevant nature are spent through the construction-process of the "adulthood."
Stream serves us to the drives from machines, that let our life become easier. Furthermore, stream serves our enjoyment through electronics.
Decide dead matter, as stone or metal, only through his/its gravity, vibration and conductivity. These lives quite longest, because hardly anything runs out with these. Consequently one can say that energies wear out themselves the most strongly according to which they are active like strong and in which quantity they exist.
However, this necessarily is not the case with natures, because if they perfectly preserve themselves through energies, very long-lived can be.

It is concluding to say that all energies cooperate in itself. If one removes one, so the entire one is disturbed. The consequence then has this that some nature-forms can no more lives.

HP: mental energies

Mental energies, energies are, that the action of a nature-form determines through information in the spirit.
She/it steers the contact with all energy-forms. If a nature is, also always through which information, willing, itself of certain energies, to stop, or, to use certain energies, so it also does this. This can incorrectly-controlled or but also right is. The longevity of a nature is certain consequently, whether the nature, the most optimally and the most perfectly all energies uses and uses. However, this action is different from natures to natures, according to this it no formula for it gives. Particularly with complicated natures, as with the people. There is to so different people that it will only give such formulas for the human being to average and general realizations in general.

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