Copyright: 1.9.2010 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the electronics
Description: Treatise over the electronics, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Electrically working prefabricated parts, that are connected over leader-tracks and are set with stream in motion, are electronics.
These make the life easier and more beautiful for us.
More easily electronics makes us in that we have machines, that electronics requires urgently, in order to work. These machines then manage this active something we with very much human work earlier. For example, the meadow and the fields with the scythe had to be mowed, and some routes with horse or is managed on foot.
Electronics lets us become more beautifully in that we have many matters like television, music or similar without into the theater, to have to go into the opera, concerts or similar, to enjoy about such matters.
Some say if one knows that there are only two conditions in the electronics, in and out, that that is very primitive. However, it is exactly that, what makes difficult electronics very much. To create so many electric appliances only with two conditions, I hold for extremely heavy.
However, one could have also several conditions in the electronics. However, one then would require electronics again in order to decode these conditions. Maybe sense would have this if one must require less prefabricated parts in the electronics, that has several conditions, or if it simply must be through any reasons. The electronics with this would not become fell faster several conditions on everyone becomes, because she/it is tied at the steering electronics. Even quantum-calculators can therefore, according to my opinion, not be faster because electronically these, according to my opinion, would have to be steered. As one then wants in and end impulses for light manages, without this being steered by a mechanism. The light alone only will never do this alone through light. However if one, that a ray of light generally has interruptions, determines, this could go. This probably from photon to photon. This lasts incredibly fast and would have to be steered again, however, because one can build not only one machine existing only from light. There, the prefabricated parts also would have to consist only of light to it.

That be electronics in conclusion to say poisonous or can be and that if she/it becomes as small as possible, we can be only gladly therefore, because then more inferior waste respecting spent electronics-prefabricated parts is built.

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