Copyright: 26.1.2007 by: Felix R. Kittel
Over the defect in the economy
Description: Treatise over this defective in the economy, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Some time ago, a friend informed me that he/it learned in the department "Economy" about the college, that a product ever is more expensive the qualitatively better this product is.
That is a factor, that is necessarily given no more in our present day and age. There are many cheap products, that are essentially better than expensive in the comparison.


I myself wanted to grant myself some good one once and bought me a more expensive of a luxury-company instead of a cheap pizza. As I made these for myself at home, I determined that the dough of this pizza was so miserable, that he/it didn't get the quality of a low-pizza in the most distant one.
With sweetener-coke of "Coke, it is coke" similarly. She/it simply doesn't taste right of sugar and is expensive. However, it is possible to manage this. I myself buy sweetener-soda with the 1,5 liters 0,39 Euro costs. And this absolutely tastes of sugar, with what heeding is, that also the taste is converted very well with this.
In order to have to buy not always new cheap pans because the teflon-coating always comes off so fast with those, I thought to grow a more expensive pan for me once in order to save maybe money through it, however, because this a product through quality and longevity, can result. The result was that on the teflon-coating despite 5 years of guarantee, this just as fast as with one came off cheap.

Reason of this problem:


The human being believes in high standards, that he/it compares with the price of a product.
The human being is solicitous to take off from a seemingly low norm over more expensive products or to acquire at least products of the general average.
This bill also rises.
He/it, that dresses with expensive brand-ware, is also treated accordingly and is heeded. Even if one invites somebody to the meal, the relating to this price, that determines the thanks, counts in the end.

Actual reason:

By predominantly infiltrating advertisement about psychological tricks, products and companies are high-pushed in their knowledge and quality.


Companies, that worked over this method, require high prices in reference to the possibly low quality of their products desired through psycho-tricks and dominate the market predominantly.
Consequently these companies become ever bigger through her/its/their unauthorized person high profit and swallow the babies.
The extreme-case is that the big-concerns of all take over and absolutely place the quality and the appropriate price of a product, exactly like it those fits.
Even good products of the market would vanish, with which one earns not much money. Developed expensive products would originate through it as substitute of these products, that correspond only a possibly not necessary highbrow luxury.

Could be to the correction of this problem:1. Reinforced liability-duty of reference of a product.
2. Payable examinations of quality and lifespan of a product of reference his/its trophy.
3. Liability-duty of the advertisement-contents of a product.
Comprise also the annulment of the psychological deceptions from advertisements to the product. Example: The concept "high-quality" only is given, if it clouds over on something, which takes off from the normal average. That would be only bio-food with food, for example, with fast delivery or processing after the harvest.

To 2:

If a product of cheap bad products and or bad development of reference of taste, design, function and lifespan exists that so the price of this final product cannot be expensive.
If however, a product shows the opposite on the other hand, only this it favorably was managed, the resultant final product can be favorable or expensive. It necessarily is not the production-price, that pretends this. Nevertheless, a product can cost what results an expensive production. With exception of bad or and overcharged administration, personnel, advertisement - - costs. Particularly the advertisement-costs, that can cause, that a bad or overcharged product can nevertheless be sold strongly then through blindness.

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