Copyright: 2005 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the drugs
Description: Treatise over the drugs, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Drugs are poisonous substances, that in the soul, the spirit and or the body an over or insufficiency, evoking.
I therefore hold her/it/them all for hallucinogenic.
In fact therefore, because they make believe the consciousness (spirit) conditions, that are not given in the normality.
However, shamans use drugs, in order to gain certain abilities, in order to manage things certain with it or problems. This happens in that a particular drug helps through him/it for the problem to grasp the problem right firstly to about then find a solution through it secondly.
In the present day and age, however, one misjudges this, and causes most only one wanted intoxication-condition, that serves only the intoxication, with this without using the drug over the consciousness.
Yes, one not only misjudges the drug but knows not even, the particular drug can be good for what.
However, however, no adulation of the drug should be called this on the other hand.
One will be able to never take her/it/them long through her/its/their mind-expansion without harming his/its own consciousness. Drugs should therefore be taken for particular solutions only in the individual case after schamanischer manner. However, this still is so dangerous, can practice this the only very sound individual with much experience in the right sense. Also this taking cannot too often happen since the normal consciousness develops into the consciousness of the taken drug with every drug-consumption to.

There is always addiction-danger for the drug-consumption, however, since the relevant one, the usually particular drug-intoxication as "horny", feels. There already is this dependence even with every first consumption that in that the relevant one remembers the respective intoxication and sees itself after the "horny" one consequently yearns. Therefore, it is to be tried out drugs not even advisably.
The addiction respecting a drug therefore doesn't consist predominantly that the body needs it but a mental factor, that cannot go away through a physical withdrawal, rather is. It is to be rather looked for the problems and to eliminate, that the relevant one has, why he/it consumes the particular drug or drugs.

The real shaman never finds "horny" through his/its pure consciousness, drugs, but only uses her/it/them in order to find out specifically things or, to be able to achieve. This is the reason why he/it cannot become addicted either.

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