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Over the doctors
Description: Treatise over the doctors, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Doctors are helping, that usually act over a legal practice.
Doctors can be apportioned in three groups.
Firstly, the house-doctor or respectively the general-doctor, that acts broadly and is responsible for the coarse one. However the house-doctor acts not only in the coarse one but is responsible for it over particular educations to know all doctor-forms, so that he/it can transfer one to other doctors. This is very important and a basis of a house-doctor, that very much knowledge of a house-doctor possibly requires. House-doctors always therefore should last on the newest condition of the medicine and therefore should get free information from health insurance companies relating to this. Whether a house-doctor assumes this is another question. Only a well shrewd house-doctor will achieve more successes even if he/it has only the correct knowledge to refer a patient to an accordingly real doctor. (If health insurance companies are solicitous, house-doctors of really informing, this lowers faulty-treatments and the costs of the health insurance companies resultant from it.)

They are the second group of the doctors, the particular problem of the body responsible is. These are specifically trained doctors, who are responsible for a respective problem of the body, with which a house-doctor doesn't progress, in order to find out genaustens which is not correct in the relevant one in order to remedy this.

Those, that are responsible for the spirit and for the soul, are the third group of the doctors. These act if they make it right, over psychology, clearing up conversations and usually, if it doesn't go differently, through Psychopharmaka. Heeding is that a well trained doctor for spirit and soul, first genaustens must discuss, where the problem is anchored in order to be able to remedy this. He/it should say exactly, which is matter, in so far as one comes to terms with this. Don't discuss he/it, the question is so whether he/it doesn't want this for particular reasons. There is to doctors, who prescribe medications to exact discussion, although they can actually use up these only right if she/it summons exactly knows. Grundliegende files of patients are only reason-lying, and possibly are no more given.
However a patient is chronic and is content with his/its treatment, so also nothing should be altered if already everything was scooped out at medical knowledge. For the patient, maybe it is also a psychic stress this it to always try everything again and again, only because a doctor thinks, somewhat better gives, although the doctor possibly knows it not even. Many doctors simply want to try out everything. This should not be if the patient is content.

This be allowed to name in conclusion to say each doctor itself only doctor if he/it possesses a completed education as diploma. From these diplomas, there are many different ones and can be driven only in her/its/their compartment respecting doctors. No matter how much one knows about books or other media, it is so that can be this knowledge of an only unsettled advice that somebody can either assume or not.
HP: Medical knowledge is based only on basis-research of the general normal average knowledge mostly. Special cases, that not from abnormal or the norm corresponds exists, is not included mostly. One might forgive this because this is not differently possible without producing a particular, very costly profile for a particular patient.
One would have to know exactly of what a patient consists and he/it does something very precisely.
This then lasts: how much thinks he/it and in which intensity, ages, sex, bone-density, how much deals he/it and something, posture, respiration, sleep and intensity of the sleep, stress, intelligence, weight, metabolisms, hearing, seeing, feeling, eating, drugs, hormone-mirrors, muscle-mass (strain of the muscles), more exactly genetic code of the patient, etc..
(Quite perverse!)
This will never go because patients through the relativity can make only relative statements.
Can furthermore or constantly changes this!

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