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Over the dimension (en))
Description: Chapters about the dimensions in general and into reference of her/its/their different material solidity and the realization this an ascension from higher dimensions a sense has.
A dimension is an in fact busy area all dimensions, that there is, with what, the same area covers.

On this occasion, it is important to know that that marks something in fact we as not in another dimension as material is marked, since it is visible there and can be touched.
Therefore, everything, which exists, actually is in this respect to be marked as in fact it this through a theoretical concentration, from a small one until gigantic quantity visibly appears, and even touching it with another compression would be.
Very likely something become something through concentration through another compression inevitably visibly so material that it can be touched.
Therefore it is sufficient to prove in the theoretical or practical whether the demateriellen things are visible through concentration of this and belong to a dimension consequently.

A dimension means how high the mass of the matter is in the dimension in reference to the other dimensions.
The more advanced a dimension is in reference of all, the the respective matter is placed more massive into her/its/their what the observance of the cosmic laws reinforces on the other hand and there are some cosmic laws consequently, to which must be kept in a dimension, since otherwise an endangering of the total or said the matter better originates.
Through the dimensions, it is possible through it, nature-forms to teach the contact with more solid matter step-by-step and to make possible first without that is endangered with a possible mistake of the natures like the entire or is destroyed.
If a nature didn't learn the contact with a nature and a matter in a low dimension, can so or will endanger it these through the ignorance of the matter and the natures for the next-higher dimension in the next-higher dimension or will destroy, because the one-keeping closed laws, that are necessary, were not learned as said that this dimension is not endangered.

It only become confront this a life-form like a light-nature slowly logically with the matter since it would give up the contact with the matter otherwise from the start or could endure this at all.
And this accustoming at the matter happens from dematierellen things until to the more material thing of course, which is realized by dimension until the next-higher dimension.
As said, an observance of the laws is furthermore necessary in order to handle the matter at all which on the other hand proves that there must be several dimensions, because there are laws, to which are kept from birth from, in our dimension and had to be learned in a low dimension consequently.
Since we, that there are the so-called fine-material things, know am proved that there is another dimension at least under our dimension which on the other hand proves that a contact with the matter should be learned because there was otherwise only one dimension under our dimension, in which an observance of laws doesn't play any role.
This lets conclude again that there are further dimensions with denser matter over us.

As it now is possible that only through another construction of atoms most different material worlds, whether they now have another form, or only small bigger or dense is packed the same area, without fought, covers or, to object.
This lets itself explain through it that the so-called atoms lie in a dimension far from the atoms of the other dimension apart so that durchschlüpfen she/it through the more densely packed atoms of a mass of the other dimensions.
It occurs that the most diverse density of the atoms of an atom-structure has a respective own vibration, that either is higher or lower, so that the high vibration-vibration of the atom-structure penetrates the low vibration-vibration of another atom-structure from alone.
On the basis of this own-vibration of the very most differently dense atom-structures, it is not possible that these meet through her/its/their vibration or the atom-structure, that other vibration-patterns have, as that actually that is in our dimension, to see.
An example is that if a normal pencil with the hand in vibration, in that he/it is moved fast upward and below, is moved becomes blurred formally before our eyes and to identify no more is.
Interesting is, that a quite solid material of this really consists "a (a diamond) higher own-vibration of relatively densely packed atoms has as a less solid material (how the coal) obviously becomes something through it that a solid material a bigger vibration, as a less solid material endures.
A dense atom-structure therefore must have a higher vibration because it consists of more atoms respecting the volume, so that Potensiert itself the vibration of the total number of the atoms from the volume.
That is to be understood so that an atom has can Ausschwingen the highest vibration, that gives it, this a densely packed atom-structure the whole potential of the atoms so.

If a not densely packed atom-structure now exists, so the individual atoms can admittedly from-swing, however an atom-vibration hinders the other on this occasion, which provides a low vibration.
Therefore, it is with a densely packed atom-structure so that collected an atom theoretically the atoms forms, with what altogether the atoms in a compact type and expels her/its/their vibration of completely realizing can.

Since the development means an increase or a creation of something newcomer in general, a production of higher vibrations of the Lichtwesens, that happens through the observance of cosmic laws, which an admission of the Lichtwesens can mean into a higher dimension on the other hand, is inevitably there, a life with the matter is possible in connection with relatively higher vibrations of the Lichtwesens only in connection with more solid matter.
The construction of the matter in a next-higher dimension is possible on following types.
1. the so-called atoms lie simply more densely together so that the volume of the matter becomes going out simply smaller from the low dimension to the higher dimension with the same weight. Since a certain mass can cause an implosion, is however unlikely, in this way, to reach large masses, what would cause, that there were only relatively few dimensions, since, if the atoms lie together no more atom-compression without gaps can take place.

2. more logically it appears to me that the components of the so-called atoms of our dimension become going out simply bigger in the next higher dimension so that many dimensions are possible.
The effects are that the matter becomes bigger and heavier and the individual atoms have a higher reason-vibration automatically which causes that such an atom-structure (matter) endures a higher vibration consequently.
Respecting the higher vibrations, it is to be heeded that every alteration of the individual or totals has an effect on the total since every change of causes moves also a change from the results with itself.

3. that a component of a so-called atom in another dimension earns another infinitive, I possibly hold for not since the so-called components of an atom will always be round or are, because the smallest possible unit is a ball-form, that carries the biggest area in itself, and volume earns the least, or because the most severe possible unit with the biggest volume is a ball-form in reference of the volume.
Legal conditions for our dimension
The life of the nature is not possible in our dimension if our soul didn't learn in a previous dimension to keep an eye on itself even since she/it would accomplish actions otherwise, that even her/its/their damage would inflict.

If we would not fill this, so our world would be the purest battlefield, in which the development doesn't play any role or could at all still take place.
We only would be accidental capable to live or to propagate us at all which would be an absolutely wrong contact with the matter, that is stipulated in our dimension and cannot take place consequently, on the other hand which from the start excludes that the material life could originate at all on this relatively underdeveloped manner.
Checking is that every life-form on our planet, that exists in fact, takes care of itself and this is the prerequisite consequently to originate in fact about at all in our dimension or to Inca-kidneys.
Legal conditions for the next-higher dimension.
Our soul simply would rise into the next-higher dimension and Inca-kidneys can, so it would act equally as it acts in our dimension. And this would have disastrous consequences.

Egoistic would turn into it and interest-reasons, experiments with the matter and the natures practice without having learned to take regard on each matter and every nature and to watch these.
The general life would be in the next-higher dimension only from short duration through it or said better.

Whether the bad exercises of the matter and the natures now would happen unconsciously or consciously in the next-higher dimension, no role plays on this occasion. One must have learned not to be egoistic and therefore all possible factors of all in past, present or future with, to include.

HP: Every dimension comprises the so-called 4 dimensions (1=Punkt, 2=Strich, 3=Fläche, 4=alles together with the height). This may admittedly be correct, however, teoretischer is part-wisely rechenbahrer nonsense according to my opinion. I am of the opinion this it 15 dimensions gives, that herschen in the same area with other matter and vibration, the insgesammt itself beeinflußen.

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