Copyright: 2005 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the depression
Description: Treatise over the depression, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Depression is a condition of the refusal.
She/it then is created whom one becomes wearily the life, and breaks out if comprehending knocks down one from factors. This comprehending can last even years, if is missing one or certain data in the spirit and these suddenly make much conclusive.
The relating to this factors to each other always are negatively for the relevant one and, not to sometimes comprehend for the environment, if certain backgrounds of the depressionalen factors of the depressive are not known.
Also the possibility exists that there is the depression through comprehending from factors because these were not yet processed right.
A waiting alone regulates the going away the depression for this case.
However this can be accelerated conversations by explanatory and sometimes is inevitable, if the relevant one is not capable to make corresponding data to the general coming to terms with.
With depressions with deep background, following points are to be heeded:1. If depressions are based alone on factors, that disturb one, is so to be gotten rid of these through alteration of the life.
2. If depressions are not they seemingly based on factors changeable is, is so to be expounded these through pensive conversations with the background of the acceptance. If this should not be enough for the relevant one, so certain things can be built, that consist of helping factors of the not really changeable factors. This then has do the sense this one at least his/its most possible or did, even if this action consists only of beets. One can always alter something into the positive one, even if one believes this too little it is. Therefore is not to be given up in such cases and to strengthen the self-confidence. Rather it is important to also find others with the same problem so that one doesn't stand there alone firstly and can exchange views secondly in order to be able to proceed better against the problem consequently together.

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