Copyright: 20.5.2010 by: Felix R. Kittel
Over the deity
Description: Treatise over the deity, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Deities are natures, that something or several in her/its/their type as well as almost can no one in her/its/their type.
There is to world-masters of most different type, for example, where one can say that these are a deity in her/its/their compartment. This can learn not to confuse, however, with normal things, that one learn through long. (There are many from it!). Synchronous-chess is very heavy, for example, and cannot be learned normally. Anyway not so, that one always also wins!
It gives them/her/it to plants in her/its/their type of less waters, light and nutrient itself needs as others in the same race. These can be called also a deity consequently because another plant of same race would die under these conditions.
In principle, this is worth somebody, whether not deity or, somewhat no matter what, once more or better than other can.
Whether a nature now counts as deity is determined by it, like many can can something the "deity" this. If it is many, so this counts can as rather normally and is not viewed as "divine performance" consequently.
If one can something especially well, how it can a deity, is debatable like long and one often can this. If somebody uses or one itself this proficiency to strongly from, so heavy damages to one itself can and are even created others. Particularly, it is others they of a deity more and more and more wants and demands and destroys a deity consequently.
Very much more than in a short time period, a deity can achieve in a long time period, also like normal natures. It is a meanness to require too much of somebody if one only even thinks this the one it could. The deity therefore must decide something her/it/them for herself can and wants, no matter as well and considerably it appears, what is demanded from the deity. Rather, it is the greed of others, that said through again, normal the deity through too many demands uses, the deity damages and destroys.

It is concluding to say expressly that even a deity cannot everything!
It is impossible each individual one everything personal, for example, to teach. There is the letter to it and must be accepted as such for all consequently.

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