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Over the formation of the cosmos
Description: Chapters about the formation of area, energy, God, matter and natures.
At the beginning could or was the "nothingness" in our cosmos.

Only what is the nothingness?

If you look in into an empty room, so one can say that nothing is in this room besides the area and the air.
If you now introduce yourself in the air an intellectually delimited area, so it would have to be said that nothing is again in this intellectually delimited area besides the air and the area.
Now assume, you are in the space and restrict an area again intellectually from, can be said so: In this intellectually delimited area is nothing but the area. This is wrong since a vacuum is in the delimited area.
Therefore, it would have to be said, in this intellectually delimited area, nothing is besides the area and the vacuum.

Thinks and actions you further, in that you close her/its/their hand slowly to a fist and you introduce yourself, that the hand be this so firmly closed in this fist no air-split and area.
One now can doesn't say a type to "anything" this in the fist is.


If you now held no more for a very long time until her/it/them the fist can, could so you are told this the fist in a certain type and wise infinitely long held strength or sleep you until the factor to opening the fist forced.

Now introduce yourself that maybe you thought a round track, on which a ball constantly rolls in the circle, you so, that the ball further-rolls infinitely long in the circle.
However the track of the ball can show this a defect in the course of time really there and can roll the ball no finally more in the circle through it.

Or, if the track of the ball of a certain strength is assigned and the ball rolls in the circle more and more fast and faster for any reason, so the assigned strength is broken through the Fliehkraft of the ball someday so that the ball from the track breaks.
If one pulls together these whole facts, so one must assume that infinity always has a certain strength, that holds together the infinity in a certain type.

Refraction of the "nothingness"

Since the infinite always has a strength in the practice, is to be suspected that the "nothingness" of the cosmos through any reason, the one Bestehung must be assigned, was broken, since any factors proceeded them/her/it against the existence of the "nothingness", in the course of time ever stronger and stronger became, so that there could be the infinity of the nothingness no more.

I hold for likely that the nothingness could exist no more through the factor of the stays put, since someday also persisting one of every nature a Kollabierung his to the consequence has.
Every nature can furnish the proof to this by trying to hold out relatively long without any influences.

Explanation: By influences, all influences, that are created with the Sinnesorganen and with the body, are meant.

The "nothingness" now broke and two gigantic energy-bundles now flew away of each other in opposite direction.
The one energy-bundle now would have to be the counterpart of the other energy-bundle, that if they reunite themselves, again to the "nothingness", the "nothingness" will be broken through any reason until on the other hand and two gigantic energy-bundles fly again apart.

The energy-bundles then created also with further expansion more and more and more area.

Through both energy-bundle, it can be assumed that there is not a cosmos but two Kosmose are they of each other separately through a free "unobtainable" space.
The one cosmos then would consist of matter-energy while the other cosmos consists of antimatter-energy.

If the strength of the expansion, that originated, now became be use fighting the "nothingness" to the energy-bundles, there are two possibilities.

Either the two energy-bundles get dressed so strongly that these meet again and again to the "nothing" becomes, or the strength this with him/it apart-flies the two energy-bundles was so big, that both energy-bundles are separate far from each other so that the attraction of both energy-bundles with reference to itself, is not enough, about again together to "noises."
This then would consist the Kosmose again, that has a certain strength as said, of the so-called "infinite" changes.

Summary :

Since the energy of the energy-bundles was (is) so big, I am confident, that a big (possibly two) intelligence (en) constructed itself them/her/it as "God" from it can be marked and that different types created through Konzentrierung of the own energy from forms of the matter on the other hand and still creates.
It is on that occasion to be heeded, however, that the matter creates first in form of suns and planets had to become, until the cosmic energy through Energiegebung to the matter, nature could create.
A material nature only then originates namely if matter is stimulated by energy so strongly and is activated, that life arises for itself through it over the evolution and develops.

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