Copyright: 2005 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the consciousness
Description: Treatise over the consciousness, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
The consciousness is a condition of the being.
Consequently, a consciousness has every nature and each organic cell, because it and she/it, simply is. Yes itself a crystal or atom, because it is and itself certain.
In the big and whole one however, definitely it our does and deals, just like us is.
The higher consciousness understands the low one and is a chain of decisive power consequently, that from the upper one until the low consciousness, used and is steered.
This can be understood as hierarchy, that steers everything, and can destroy everything, which doesn't fit her/it/them.
The general consciousness is a mixture from all the Bewusstseinen.
It is to be viewed as average consciousness consequently. In fact in a size, that the surroundings is shaped so, as it corresponds to the average consciousness.
However the individual never is content with it because the average doesn't correspond to the individual. It is a matter of acceptance, around his/its surroundings outside his/its Behausung, to accept.
Nevertheless is to be looked for negative surroundings and things and over his/its higher consciousness, that doesn't correspond to the general one, to correct.
However very much strength can cost this and often is not even possible, if the general consciousness respecting him/it is too strong for correcting.
It needs already a strong and good leadership, about the general consciousness in the, to educate and to lead, improves.
This is a task the politician and the government.
However everyone can communicate his/its better knowledge and can proclaim. This is important, because only such an evolution, in the good one and improves, can take place. In the present day and age, this has at meaning more and more since the general consciousness is to greedy and egoistic.
Everything destroys this!

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