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Over the colors and the light
Description: Chapters, to develop over the possibility over colors through color-therapy; still, the deciphering of the colors and consequently diagnostics and therapy is explained.
Only light-reflections, that the matter emits in connection with light, actually are colored.
Colors actually are only linked light-forms through it from the Prismaspektum which means the paint natural itself from the light-reflections, they open up and be therefore such to find in the nature.
The purest colors are the aufgesplitteten light-colors, that are recognized with help of a prism.
All other colors are only mixtures from the prism-spectrum and are to be marked as impurely consequently, since they consist of several pure colors all at once.
A nature or in general the matter picks up certain parts of the light and reflects the rest so, that we perceive these in a color.
If an object picks up all light-forms of the whole light-spectrum, for example, so the object appears to us in black which can be considered no color.
Appear to us an object in white on the other hand, so this object doesn't pick up any light-form of the light-spectrum and reflects the complete "light" into the eye.

If you appear to us an object in a pure green, so this object picks up all light-forms of the light-spectrum besides the light-form green.

All colors have a certain vibration and information in itself and the higher the vibration of a color is, the is the information and color settled purer in this color.
This ever causes more purely this a color on the other hand is, she/it through the grade of the information and vibration this all the more effectively on the human being can work.

If one knows which the individual colors mean can please the colors them/her/it one this human being in reference a human being indicates and closes through it on the psychic and mental condition of the relevant human being until into the smallest detail.
Especially interestingly, this is with sick people, that don't have any idea about the color-meaning.
These can communicate her/its/their psychic condition through the pleasure of certain colors what is important if they cannot communicate her/its/their problem through conversations.
Furthermore this telling can be personally and pathologically conditional so that through it is lied at a conversation of treating and patient either or pathologically conditional ungewünschte are answered lies.

However, conversations are absolutely necessary, so that this like follows should be handled.

1. if the wished communication is very personally through a conversation, so the trust is so long to produce to the relevant one until the relevant one can communicate the personal.
This trust-basis can be produced on the other hand, in that hires one through the say of personal the relevant one, that one trusts also him/it, the relevant one signals this rather willing so to tell his/its personal things of practicing is.


In this case, this uses the practicing that if one treats a nature in a certain type, that this nature back-reflects this type of treatment.

2. telling is pathologically conditional, is so to be interpreted the communications of the relevant right, since this told doesn't need to correspond to the truth, and the relevant one possibly doesn't tell important things or decided things in order to cause something certain exaggerates.

It gives this as vibrations, color-information and light-irradiation "psychically" good in the application to color-treatments problems with mental and mental applicable is.
Since color-treatments effect the soul and the spirit, lets themselves solve furthermore also some physical problems with it since many physical problems are to be sought in the mental or mental area.

Because color-therapies effect the spirit, that is in the brain this set region to be suspected stimulates and consequently it possible is, through light-irradiation, vibration or color-information the spirit and the brain respectively strong to influence, which mean, that the brain can be harmonized by it.

The proof of this assumption is that already long decided colored clothing is used in order to unite the sex.
An example is that some women carry the color Rot quite consciously to be deceptive in a certain type about men which happens through it that the men are stimulated by this color so strongly, that you can't differently to be well received as these women.

If we would not like to deceive people or are sick, we carry the colors quite automatically, that correspond our present soul-condition, in the normal case.

We people are the similarly colored clothing indirectly also on the search of one or several human being carries, since carrying can quite be regarded as an identification by colored clothing in reference of the form.

If another human being wears similar clothing like one itself, this human being corresponds to the present soul-condition of one of the own soul and has also a similar soul-vibration like this consequently.
Of course, the face mirrors the soul-condition the most.
However, not many people are at the moment capable to recognize this exact image. Sooner, we are to be recognized the right partner in the situation through the pleasure.

Effect of the similar soul-vibration

Meetings often comes itself quite automatically two natures, that have a same soul-vibration at this meeting, it to an increase of the love of both natures so.
This on the other hand can be found a type of intoxication-condition, that burns through memory at the contact like a hardly extinguishable flame in one itself. This positively felt intoxication-condition then causes that one wants to meet this nature again and again.
To heed, this can alter the soul-vibration of a nature strongly for itself through mental problems.
Therefore, it is his/its problems important to solve in order not to endanger his/its relationships.


If a soul-vibration of a nature changes strongly through mental alteration so, no more other natures, with which the relevant nature has relationships, can like this change so that these relationships can dissolve through this change or that the relationship is intensified automatically with a good change.

Color-interpretation of reference of applications :

Reines++++++++Glück in reference of itself, +++ against altruism,+++++++++++++
Yellow ++++++++++ egoism++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Reines+++++++++Natur, Natürlichkeit++++++++Wiedergewinnung of this++++++++++++
Grün+++++++++++Wird with Gesundheit++++++++Natürlichen of consciousness++++++++
Reines++++++++Verständnis, ++++++++++++++++ harmonization this ++++++++++++
Blue ++++++++++ cosmically - +++++++ (- e laws) brain-parts,+++++++++++++++++++
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Restoration of original++
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++against incomprehension++++++++++
Reines+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++gegen bad feelings+++++++++
Purpur+++++++++++++++Liebe++++++++++++++wie hate and egoism++++++++++
Reines+++++++++++++++Reinheit, +++++++++++ against maliciousness everyone++++++++
Weiß+++++++++++++++++Weisheit+++++++++++ type.+++++++++++++++++++++++++
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++against aggression++++++++++++++
---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
Rot++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Sollte only after long pauses of this +
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Organism is applied+
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++In order to activate this again.++++
Reines+++++++++++++Verstehen of the Natur+++++++++ development of this ++++++++++
Türkis+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Naturbewusstseins ++++++++
Reines+++++++++++Das happy Leben++++++++Entwicklung the inner one(s)++++++
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Überschwellig to the recognition++
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++The own achieved and++
Reines+++++++++Das Gesetzliche Leben+++++++++Entwicklung this++++++++++++
Violett+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ thoroughness++++++++++++
Reines++++++++++Erde+++++++++++++++++++++Zur retrieval this+++++
Braun++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++der of own reality++++++++++
Reines++++++++++Das Natürliche Glück+++++++++Entwicklung this++++++++++++
Aditives +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ nature-referentiality+++++++++++
Reines+++++++++Das real Gesetzliche++++++++Entwicklung this+++++++++++++
Aditives +++++++++ Glück+++++++++++++++++++++Akzeptanz++++++++++++++++++
Reines+++++++++Das Natürliche Leben++++++++Entwicklung this+++++++++++++++
Aditives+++++++++oder lives on Natürliche++++Naturharmonie++++++++++++++++
Grün-Rot+++++++ type+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

(In general, this become perceive to record over a treatment of these pure colors, why unnaturally one altruistic, blankly... is.)

Colors as foreign aid

Sundries colors can be applied in order to develop into the corresponding meaning of the color.

Steps of the development

Is valid in principle, whoever would not like to develop the color into the direction of this concerning helping effect or would like to develop, so it doesn't make any sense to apply this corresponding color-effect, that supports one, to find the way in the direction of the color-effect.

Explanation:1. if a nature only earns foreign aid in order to get rid of the following feeling of the faulty-development loses so symptomatic the relevant lifetime, in which he/it could alter something positive and acts, that he/it will take the helping means again and again.
However, this is not to be necessarily assessed as symptomatic treatment but rather in reference of good feelings than a type Sucht, without to want some strips for it.

2. the spirit can be so strong that he/it the Informationsgebung of a given information, through which strength of the spirit covers up.
Therefore can with the application of light, vibrations, and information, that a preparation possibly has, is covered up over the spirit since the spirit has the potential of the Informationsgebung at his disposal.
If a spirit therefore is gotten for not to assuming an information in the mood, so he/it can be so mighty that he/it actually doesn't assume the given information.

Also it doesn't make any sense to develop in a development-step to want if the initial stage of the development-step was not learned.

Example of development-steps

a 1. step naturalness 2. step nature-consciousness 3. step nature-referentiality 4. step nature-harmony

b 1. step understanding 2. step acceptance 3. step contentment 4. thoroughness

Explanation about example b:

Step b1 (understanding))

Whoever doesn't want itself into the direction of the understanding of developing needs none understanding of helping means earns, since the spirit can proceed so strongly against it, that doesn't make any sense this help.

Step b2. (Acceptance)

If one didn't learn to show understanding, is founded they on understanding facts or assuming, so acceptance can never originate through it.

Step b3. (Contentment)

If one doesn't learn to accept things, so one won't be able learning the content-being since anger and aggression constantly are caused by the Unakzeptanz with the relevant one.

Step b4. (Thoroughness)

If one doesn't learn to be content, so a thoroughness can never be gained so that it doesn't make any sense to influence itself/themselves with thoroughness-helping means, since one could not endure the activities and conditions, that amount the thoroughness, without contentment or can.

Thoroughness is the absolutely right performing in reference of itself, natures and with reference to the matter.

Explanation about example a:

Step a1. (Naturalness)

Whoever doesn't want itself into the direction of the naturalness of developing doesn't need any Natürlichkeitshelfende means earns, since the spirit can proceed so strongly, that no sense has this help.

Step a2. (Nature-consciousness)

If one doesn't assume the nature like she/it is, so no natural consciousness can originate in the relevant one.

Step a3. (Nature-referentiality)

If one is not conscious that gone all ways and solutions on natural type and can be solved cannot learn so one to act nature-covered.
(Prerequisite to this exist this the whole nature of course!)

Step a4. (Nature-harmony)

If one would like to receive not everything, which one requires, from the nature that one can live in the unison with the nature only that, which grows in the nature and lives.

Nature-harmony is if one receives everything from the nature, and these natural harvests in keinster manner through chemical or other-dear-y poisonous type changes but at most some of the natural harvests together connect.
Furthermore, the nature-harmonic human being protects the plants, the animals and the planet on a way, that consists of it, to build sick plants, animals or the possibly sick planet.

Examples of the nature-harmony:

It is harvests to utilize completely and to win no individual elements or materials from the harvests.
It is this, it is physical processes like pressing the harvest to win about natural oils etc..

z.B. :

* chemical colors can be supplemented through the colors from blooms or out of stones.

* Gas of crude oil be unnatural during alcohol of natural type, therefore gas of crude oil can be replaced with alcohol.

* Plastic-products don't grow in the nature.
Plastic-products can therefore be replaced with salvageable glass, metal, rubber and wood.
Simple package can consist of stuck together wax-paper.

* chemical medications are unnatural and poisonous.
Through the Abhärtung through chemical consumption in food, air and chemical medications, the human being partially got used to a chemical consumption so that the natural medicine doesn't show the corresponding effect.
However, a sensitization is in reference of the nature through possibly leaves out the chemical consumption, so that natural means knock against better after it and work even better than a chemical means.
(On this occasion it is to be however also heeded that seasonings are means so that this takes place a habituation with a continuous consumption in reference from his/its natural salvation-effects. Therefore these should only be applied as health-means so that the nature can grasp in the case of illness.)

Legality to the receipt of the nature:

* A nature should not stretch so strongly that a natural life is no more possible on the basis of the too few arable lands.

* It should be driven back a natural consumption if there is not enough from this natural.

* natural resources like metal, stones, glass (sand), should be protected by a Recyclen, since no more if a resource is depleted, this material of this resource existent is.

Action-principle of the color-treatments

Colors cause a counter-information this in the brain with a correct tone so, mental and mental problems vanish.
The spirit notices this effect and develops actions, that correspond to the color-effect, through the influence of the color-treatment.
If the relevant one now rearranged his/its actions so, that the color-effect of the color-treatment is irrelevant, so this color-treatment is no more necessary since the relevant one creates now the color-effect through correct action itself.

However this only happens if the color-treatment is applied for a very long time until:1. the spirit the effect notices.
2. the spirit the effect as good feels.
3. the spirit actions of reflection and experiencing creates, that, the corresponding color-treatment unnecessary does.
4. the relevant one, actions of connection with spirit and bodies, this, the treating color-effect generates generated.
5. itself the necessary actions, this, the wished color-effect generates, so strong in the spirit manifested, that an application with the color-treatment is no more necessary.


* If the applied color-therapy is satiated in the spirit and in the soul, so hardly any glut takes place with another application.

* If a nature doesn't assume a color-treatment out of not-desire, so the spirit is to be demurred this treatment in the situation so that hardly any sense yields these.

* The belief reinforces every type of effects in reference of treatments.

Comment widened:

Be not surprised that they correspond to itself her/its/their life through application with colors or through application him/it totally changed.
But it will be good and positive in the correct application.

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