The human being develops everything more and more strongly and more strongly and forgets the natural things on that occasion.
Not only forgets her/it/them yes he/it but overcharges her/it/them artificial even as well.
This confuses the natural human being more and more, so that must be developed again.
Consequently, a cycle, that steers the human being to the artificial on and on and becomes more and more strongly even dependent on this in the course of time, is built.
This cure-way was built for these reasons, in order to remember, which can be managed of course.


This book describes the soul, the spirit, and the body and their relationships and this, which stand with it in connection.
Also it is explained how these can usually be stopped at natural way in health what is not treated symptomatic.
Still, this cure-way uses that predominantly, which is in one itself and is, from own strength a way of this consequently and must be realized own actions.


This book was created even experienced facts this this book, with help this, through so many in connection with reasoning, meditation, concentration and the reflection so originated.

Nevertheless, this book doesn't correspond to the learning about books or other people.

PS: Dieser cure-way comprises naturelles actions, which should bring one in harmony and must be executed fully (complete), if one wants this.

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