Copyright: 2003 By: Felix R. Kittel
Over the Biorhythmus of the human being
Description: Treatise over the Biorhythmus, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Through evolutionary holding back, the human being has through behavior and actions, built rhythms, that through the ongoing length of the behavior and action, is anchored genetically.
The rhythm of the nature determines these rhythms and is not to be imagined away consequently, even if one wishes this in certain situations.
This is so because the organism requires exactly these things, that the present climate in connection with the place, produces.
On jedenfall, this is also the reason that the human being varies in reference to his/its race locally.
One would dare the experiment and would exchange the Turkish race with the German race locally, for example, would change the Turkish one as well as the German race so strongly in the course of time so that becomes the so-called Turk and Germans genetically to the German and Turks.
It is a nonsense scientific and genetically for these reasons to mingle sexually outside his/its race as well or to consume foods, that don't correspond to the own local climate and seasons.
I also hold for very dangerously to change food-forms genetically so that they grow in other climate-zones.
If the nature would have planned on it, that tropical fruits grow in a mild climate, so they would do this and then also only then would be respecting the human being-animal-system necessary locally, however.
The human being is everything to change on that occasion and acts and consumes no more natural consequently.
Disturbances in the own organism and respecting the whole nature-system are the consequence.
The human being becomes sick, because he/it creates a world they through this wrong action and consuming with the rhythm of the nature doesn't agree. And this rhythm is not changeable.
The nature becomes sick because climate-zones are exploited for other climate-zones.
In the most extreme case, something will grow climate-zones in one for all so that animals and plants grow through this dies out because they don't find any more place in her/its/their zone.

It is not only important that one consumes what produces the local climate-zone with the different seasons for one, but also that one is freezing in the winter and sweats in the summer.
Through the correct food-consumption of the seasons, the given temperature creates a strong balance and comes to terms with the food.
However one can also say, however, that the seasonal food causes a balance and coming to terms with with given temperatures.
In the winter, a meat-consumption is inevitable, for example, in order to protect the organism against cold.
In the summer, the heat causes again that through perspiration and vitamin-containing food, that even out organism the meat-consumption of the winter through decontamination.
These two conditions of the summer and winter happen so changeably that the organism always is in harmony with correct handling.
One can look at this so that the organism constantly becomes charged through this change through food in the corresponding way and unloads.
Like said the rhythm of the nature doesn't let itself alter so that one fells oneself again the rhythm of the nature in this speaks temperatures must adjust.
One changes again and heats strongly in the winter and chills the area through air-conditioning in the summer so, a negative chain reaction causes this in the organism.
Through them/her/it chills in the summer I don't decontaminate right so that I can eat less meat in the winter. I don't endure the cold again through it in the winter.
Illness is the consequence.
Through the heat in the winter, my immune-system is demanded not so that I must eat vitamin-containing food to the balance. However, this is not at all available in the really healthy form in the winter.
Illness is the consequence.
One can look at this condition as vicious circle.
One heats to equalize about the disturbed immune-system in the winter and chills to get itself/themselves about no cycle-problems in the summer.
Furthermore, one has the psychic problem that if one didn't sweat the cold in the summer in the winter would not like, and if one was not freezing in the winter, one doesn't want the heat in the summer.
This vicious circle lets itself however break through season-appropriate nutrition and holding back.
The most important rhythm of the nature is the day-night-rhythm.
This also functions if you surround yourself with artificial light at night.
This is so serious that if one drives this sufficiently long in dying can lie.
In the coarse, one can say that the daylight drives the organism and the darkness down-drives the organism.
If one therefore is awake over long time at night, so the organism slows down despite the wax-one in the night.
If one sleeps on the day, so one essentially requires more sleep because of the anchored day-watch-rhythm and nevertheless is deactivated during the sleeps.
This means that one down-drives oneself respecting the organism day and night so that right even organs stop to work.
Also, the food-consumption changes through the organism deactivated through the lack at light.
Necessarily still is higher quality food like meat, fat and carbohydrate about the organism sufficient to provide with food.
The consequence is obesity and vitamin deficiency until to later food-withdrawals and weakness.

It is concluding to say that one so extremely doesn't have to live with the rhythms of the nature because we finally are no more animals.
However, each step can be serious against these rhythms.

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