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Over the aura
Description: Chapters about the processes of the aura in reference to the mutual effect from natures to natures.
The aura definitely is an Energieabstrahlungsfeld which of the bodies, the spirit and the soul and affects.
In the material body, the Chakren beam, energy through energetic Zwirbeldrüsen from, predominantly which this through the strength of the activity, the size of the aura decides, while the soul and the spirit beam determined information, that is they recognizable in the aura as symbols, pictures and colors, with the help of the material body into the aura. The abzustrahlenden information usually is appear they such the soul and the spirit in combination with the purity as important.
This is to be understood so that the spirit or the soul determined energy-fields in relationship with energy-courses, that can be compared with a program, in the material body activates, so that information in the form of colors, symbols and pictures of the energetic Abstrahlungsfeld (aura) of the material nature recognizable is.

The soul of the material body leads the information into the aura mostly that an important factor was in a bygone material life or also they, that do recognizably, which important legalities were learned while the present active spirit in the body leads only the information into the aura, that is an important factor in the present life.

Since the soul, for which spirit and the body determine the aura, lets itself derive the exact condition of the relevant lives material through the aura and decides consequently.
Is however to be heeded when reading of the aura, that can change these quite fast.
This happens in that the mental feeling-world or the mental stand change what an alteration of the program of the Auragebung of the spirit and the soul causes.

Information is vibrations, that can be perceived as colors and forms on the other hand.
It is through it to possibly represent the aura through technical sensors in colors and pictures in that the vibration-field is measured screen-nicely.

Unfortunately this is to be realized so weakly and inaccurately nowadays that only the brightness or darkness can be determined in connection with extreme tones, that assumes the relevant aura.

In principle definitely the darkness of the aura, how many negative factors originate from the relevant one, while the tone determines the disposition and the mental factors of the relevant. z.B. whether the one, that nature likes, and for important holds, whether he/it is erdlich interconnected, whether he/it stands fully in the life, whether he/it thinks only of himself, whether he/it is well familiar with natural laws and lives after them etc..
If a tone is darkness very much in the aura, leaves itself so infer that the one, that doesn't accept reason-color, that means something certain, or against this primary meaning of the color contravenes.
This means that the cosmic legalities of this pure reason-color-meaning were learned partially not yet.
This in the aura of deciding symbols, signs and nature-forms, which philosophy the relevant nature assumed means, what means that it holds the philosophy of the too important symbols, signs and nature-forms as right and good.
If Z is. B. an ant in the aura of the relevant so can mean this, that the relevant one holds a living together and a worker-community for good and right.

The aura of a nature is used also for the mutual recognition of the natures in that you sense the aura and recognize through it which status the other nature has opposite at the moment.

If two natures face themselves, so that the auras of these natures mix for the time period of the contact, so an exchange of information of the auras, that decides, takes place during this contact whether the other opposite nature finds one of the opposite natures good or as bad; and which certain bad and good factors originate from him/it.
Normally, the human being takes this was, in that he/it finds the contact of a certain nature agreeable or unpleasant.
If one now is sufficiently sensitive, the relevant one can even consciousness-conditions like hate with a contact with another nature, love etc.. that of the opposite being goes out, senses.

With the Kontaktierung with a nature is to be heeded, however, that, if a nature avoids the contact of the other nature, that the nature to be avoided either comprehended the legalities better or more badly.
It doesn't have to be namely that, if a nature avoids the other nature, that this is to then be marked automatically as badly.
It also can is this a "good" nature such a pure nature meets, that the "good" nature thinks, that the "pure" nature is impure and bad, because this concerning "good" natures doesn't endure the pure Abstrahlungsfeld of the pure nature.

A nature affects a nature, for example, that always acts for understanding-reasons so, that this action corresponds more to the understanding, so the other nature can find this action negative because through his/its incomprehension would act differently in the same situations and thinks that this action is better, as the understanding action, because it thinks for certain reasons, justified to act, what illusion can be.

This is so on the other hand because every nature believes to act the best in a situation if it doesn't recognize his/its possible negative actions through reflection.
Therefore, it is important to think and to questions why the relevant one acts so and to learn from the other through discussion consequently, and this action of certain reasons possibly can be accepted.
Of course the relevant one must say also his/its opinion in this case relating to this so that right and good reality is found by discussion.
It be to be nevertheless heeded this each human being different and therefore each human being other actions and Gefühlsgebungen of reference to a situation realizes.
It is important whether this is good.

This at times exchange of information of the auras through the mutual contact can be so different, that bad or good factors of the other nature remain behind in the own aura.
If the remaining behind factors are bad, which can be found a malaise during and after the meeting, so it is possible to get rid of these through Lavendelräucherungen (aura-cleaning) or with stronger cases of Condor Copal-räucherungen (neutralization of bad vibrations).

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