Copyright: 23.06.2011 by: Felix R. Kittel
Over the aroma
Description: Treatise over the aroma, that usually with statements about the overcoming, certain processes explain and describe.
Aromas stand them/her/it on our earth it with almost each matter gives in connection. Exceptions form some mineral, gas and metal.
Because we this in runs the evolution knows and senses, we know finally already about the genes what we should enjoy specifically over the taste-sense as food and not something. Each animal makes this for the transmitted evolution so. We people increasingly forget this in the runs our life. As child, we are trained already over aromatisierte sodas and candies to lose the natural food-instinct.
To have earned certain materials with his/its consumption of making believe, that normally stands in connection with these aromas, becomes through the Aromatisierung. They follow is big. One thinks aromatisierten of one soda with raspberry, for example, to have earned raspberries although not any raspberries are in this soda. If a human being finally has desire for raspberries, and this soda drinks, he/it means this this is enough and later lives sneaking totally turned through this effect. Illness and a former death, she/it follow.
Totally, artificially inflicted aromas therefore are candies or other things, that one takes to oneself, in food, beverages, to avoid. Whether these aromas now are artificial or natural origin, no role plays. With every addition of aromas, the materials are missing they with these aromas naturally is connected.
The background of the Aromatisierung is quite clear. It will buy everything for something tastes good and cheap is. Hoodwinks this one itself with it and doesn't know the mud more absolute this aromatisierte meal is, is really not perceived. Therefore, some products, that are not aromatisiert, have few chances to last in the market economy. It is namely under would stand around a normal unaromatisierte food and unaromatisiertes very dearly to produce beverage. Aromatisiert nevertheless should not become and is finally also reduced, if we realize not living from garbage, that only simply tastes good. It, that I bought a white-sausage, is for me once, one passes the aroma forgotten with her/it. She/it tasted so so of nothing at all that I finally gave her/it/them to my dog. This in such a sausage the nutritional values this on the package still stands fits, surprises me.
Another point, that so many aromatisiert become, is that animals and plants, who are required for the food, are pulled up to fast, that no more content has the relevant animals and plants through it.
It determines the aroma of the food the food. However if no aroma is contained in meat and plant, it is so that no content almost also is in the extreme-case in these. These fast Züchtungen are finally done, about as fast as possible and, to earn much money. However this only actually hoodwinks the customer because he/it eats matters, that admittedly are more cheaply than this, that were not pulled up so fast, but almost no value has.
This vicious circle then increases through Aromatisierung.
If the meat is useful, and the plants to the manufacture of food nothing, the final product doesn't taste good, and leaves to sell only heavily through it. One aromatisiert therefore and hoodwinks the customer as said through it. All this be a matter of money something of the customer willing to spend. The free market economy is hard. Many don't realize to buy a well tasty product without addition of aroma what is expensive, as a cheap aromatisiertes product, what maybe aromatisiert became even so well, that it tastes good unnaturally better than the more expensive.


Through, we harm artificially inflicted aromas in food and too fast high-bred animals and plants, that serve the food, more and more ourselves.
A group of the people, notices, doesn't get through aromatisiertes meal this she/it enough content of the food and therefore eats more and more and more of it, so that they become thicker and thicker.
The other group of the people doesn't notice, that the aromatisierte food is not useful anything and therefore becomes ever thinner and thinner.
What this whole one will cause genetically evolutionary is I familiar doesn't yet believe!

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