About the instinct


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About the instinct
Description: Chapters about the correct election the food and activities through a healthy food-instinct.
The instinct is an equipment, that informs a nature, how it now should act.

The instinct consists of two factors. These factors are the food-instinct and secondly the act-instinct firstly.

1, the food-instinct informs what should be eaten broadly from genetic view and which food of the bodies at the moment requires.
Is important with what, that this instinct is connected with the taste; what means that, the inside (instinct) the taste steers to eat this in order to bring the nature to it, which are required at the moment.
The consequence has this again that the nature takes this to itself, which require it and also tolerate; and that the nature finds this right (Einzunehmende(in german)) a best taste.
However this instinct can have disturbed in that the original food with seasonings and aromas so is falsified that the taste-like control of the instinct recognizes no more which materials were earned.
This brings the food-instinct so in confusion that foods are picked up the no more that, what the body requires, corresponds.
The consequence of this faulty-nutrition is that originates first lack-appearance of the body, until these lacks are so strongly distinctive, that physical damages appear.
Also, it possibly is foods to make believe the instinct (bodies) to have earned, that it didn't earn.
This happens in that artificial aromas are earned, that normally stand with several materials in the nature in connection.
At the taking of these aromas, the instinct (bodies) thinks to have earned also the materials, that normally stand with these aromas in connection.


Through the food-taking in the evolution, the respective body, which materials are good for him/it and which now are required, noticed. Therefore, the nutrition changed to the instinct through this strong evolution-step.
However this evolution has speak that what causes learned instinct only to recognize natural substances over aromas, that thinks of aromas of the bodies to have earned certain substances, that stand in connection with the aromas, at the taking.
Therefore, it is artificial aromas important not to earn, and all seasonings besides salt in connection of the food, to leave out.
Also is to be heeded that itself the taste-sense through the many seasonings and aromas, what a disturbance of the instinct equal, changed so, that it is difficult for the nature for taste-like reasons to leave out aromas and seasonings respecting the food.
However it is on this occasion important to get used to the new taste for healths reasons which is even found better after a time.

(Condiment-means like salt nevertheless can!, (Maggiwürze(in german)) and broth-dice in measures is put in that doesn't falsify the taste of the food so strongly.)


Respecting the seasonings and herbs, it is to be said that these remedies are, and how these should effect an illness, if a continuous immunization takes place through taking of seasonings.
It is no miracle that there are so many chemical means to the health to the present day and age because the chemistry only serves the purpose of the recovery through the taking of the seasonings.

HP: Since we still are "half animals" ourselves the highest energies, like sugar and fat, wants.
Therefore, one should have hühten and the hillside to vegetables and fruit with the food-selection before sugar and fat.
Exceptions bestehtigen here not the rule!!!

2, the act-instinct informs which actions are the best for the body at the moment and which is at all suitable for this.

However, this instinct can be disturbed, if is thought, that wrong exercises are right for one and correct exercises wrong.
This is completely wrong in this case, because is not traded in this case after the instinct but is traded after that, what is evoked by incorrect information in the spirit.
That is, if they practice a certain activity for mental reasons or opinions, that this doesn't have to correspond to the instinct but only one activity is, that out it from a mental factor, practices.
Therefore the nature can through the incorrect activity, that instinct alters, in that this activity so often and for a very long time is practiced, is assumed until this activity as need of bringing activity.
This happens in that the exhaustion or listlessness respecting an activity is covered up what an addiction can result in order to still be able to practice this activity.


If one practices an activity, that now is not good for the body, so this body develops the activity as necessary activity, because is taught the instinct by the overplaying of the exhaustion or listlessness, that this activity now is right. This overplaying finally can then make that an addiction to the activity originates.

However this goes also in the reverse sense in that this activity is not executed with an activity-urge, that consists of desire and energy-excess in reference of an activity, so that the instinct is influenced again to omit this activity.

Over the instinct-education:

It can be taught the instinct again its origin in that all implementations are stopped.

That is this with a conscious new configuration of the food-instinct and the act-feel the eating and exercises must be stopped.

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