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About the demonstrations
Description: Chapters about the elimination of negative informative demonstrations in the spirit, that through one itself and from others through wrong knowledge and trades manifested became.
Demonstrations are information, that through continuous repetitions of a self or another nature goes out, so strongly the spirit of the relevant influences, that these information takes root in the relevant spirit.
However, demonstrations can also suddenly happen in that a nature-form retracts into the relevant spirit, through what the deciding the relevant can immediately change consequently.
Demonstrations can from the same nature-form, the spirit-nature, the "evil", a foreign light-nature and from the relevant self comes.
These demonstrations can manifest themselves in (x-beliebige(in german)) ailments of the relevant on the other hand.
Demonstrations therefore are they in the spirit of fixed information a verbality or action of the relevant body through it in the form of the assigned information evokes.

Own demonstrations

Own demonstrations, that take root through continuous same thinking in the spirit, are such until finally this same thinking, actually appears through this demonstration and even becomes through the following action to the reality.

With every same exercise, no matter which type, increasingly itself these through demonstration in the spirit and bodies.
This happens in the positive also like in the negative.

Since a demonstration of the positive is possible also like in the negative over the spirit, this also leaves itself through it of course like follows removes.

In order to neutralize real negative consequences of the same negative thinking and action again, it is this constantly same negative thought-pattern and these constantly unavoidably from my view to recognize negative actions for the first time resembles, about this finally through the contrary thinking or, to turn back transacting, until the bad real consequences vanished.

Explanation :

The spirit drafts through the thinking of a type computerprogram by having first an idea of this and starting slowly to develop this program.
It draws the program more strongly and more strongly through improvements of the thought-pattern in the course of time and improves it until the perfection. it activates this and lets duplicated it through the activation, until the reality of the program-content is finally created.
This can sneaking happened so that the relevant one often doesn't recognize, that it enclosed these realities with himself through own perfect programming.

The strength of a program in the spirit is comparable with following examples:

It is a difference whether a writing is written on one sheet of paper, or whether this writing is carved into a metal-plate, or whether this writing is even chiselled in stone.
The elimination of the content of the information-bearers is at least from the same length, the time, as these information originated in the information-bearer.
One sheet of paper can be burned, a metal-plate already must be melted down while the whole writing with the chisel must be removed with a flagstone until the origin of the flagstone was restored moderately.
On this occasion, it should be recognized that simply the neutralization of a negative program in the spirit and difficult at the same time can be.
It depends on how strongly the information exists in the spirit.

If one throws away a metal-plate or a stone, this is so, a waste of the resources equals something, if one compares this with the spirit, a throwing away of brain-strength.
This throwing away of brain-strength happens when the spirit employs itself useless with an issue inseparable for it, with what is wasted spirit power by it.
This throwing away can also happen, however, if mental symptoms are covered by any means and are not proceeded against the original problem of the symptom.
However, this symtomcealing can be used in order to proceed at all against the original problem.
Therefore means are to be earned only for a very long time to the symptom-treatment until the symptom vanished through the procedure against the original problem. This is to be achieved through it in that the dose of the means is reduced little by little.
Also means should be earned only when a symptom-treatment is proceeded only the symptom covered against the original problem there.
This still happens this in a such of low dose the relevant one its symptom senses.
Don't proceed against its symptom the relevant one and earns symptom-covering means, so the relevant one possibly is not willing to fight the symptom in future because it is satisfied through the northinking of the symptom.

Furthermore, this loses this of a waste of the life the not acting time so, in which he/it could alter something, equals.

If the relevant one therefore doesn't want to proceed against the problem, although it could proceed against it, symptom-treating means be willing to be forbidden until the relevant one through its rising of the own sorrow to proceed against its problem.

Special cases are such, if cannot be proceeded against original problems or is allowed to.
With these cases, the symptom-treatment then doesn't correspond to this separates a best possible help, with which the relevant one of all contributed to it, really then is.

It is concluding to say to this, that a good knowledge of body, spirit, belongs soul in order to decide, whether a symptomatic means can be applied, should, or must.

With the neutralization of the information of the spirit, that is this to heed a certain strength, that is more and more much strongly than the counter-information, that is relatively weak, has. Only through repetitions of the counter-information, the strength reaches these necessary they in order to neutralize the bad (s) information (s) in this way is.

Implementation of an example:

Tell yourself times to the X-ten the relevant one that it cannot go to sleep so that so the result of it, that kicked open insomnias in the relevant one, be necessary first X-male counter-piece of information in that it says that it can go to sleep until it gains the original problem of the insomnia.
If the original problem is a conceit, so it is enough to still influence itself with the counter-information, with what still heeding is, that the counter-information must be altered if necessary.

If the original problem was evoked by an event or experience in the relevant one, so an independent reappraisal of the experience or event is necessary, that it a coming to terms with his allows.
(Work-hint: look about the spirit)

If the original problem is caused by a faulty-function of the body, so it is advisable the right meridian-river to restore through bodystrechings, and that to bring accordingly sick areas again into a correct function through a correct nutrition.
This either happens in that food-sources are left out or are added.
Mostly, the case must become rearrange it completely, however, this the eating through a certain food-supply.
(Work-hint: look about the body)

If the original problem is mental nature, is so to be sought through profound reflection, which the soul doesn't come to terms with or came to terms with, in order to finally solve this problem through reflection.
This is in the rule with it to bring the life-teachings in connection comprehends, because a nongrapping of the natural action generates problems the own body, for example; with what the relevant one doesn't recognize that this problem was generated by unnatural behavior.
Remove one, for example, unnaturally dealing, that a problem has through it, this unnaturally dealing, so also this from it will vanish following problem.
(Work-hint: look life-teachings)

Still is to be heeded with the own influence through information, that only certain quantities of information pick up the own spirit, refers, and what from human being can be different to human being can process.
This means this the effect-time of information on the spirit, according to which the capacity of the spirit used at the moment not, from which depends whole capacity of the spirit, is like big.


If a human being painted 300 points with a pencil on one sheet of paper, and it is so to be erased 5 points all at once only in the situation it brings 20 points all at once don't erase anything, if it has the idea, to want or to want to execute this.

Own physical demonstrations:

Own physical demonstrations are through the spirit of evoked actions, that have (verharkt(in german)) subconsciously for itself.

These are not to be heeded normally since these were evoked by own mental demonstrations.
And if these own mental demonstrations were gotten rid of, logically also the own physical demonstrations will vanish.
Nevertheless, it can require a certain time, until these physical demonstrations vanish, so that a certain patience must be found relating to this.
Also, that is become aware of from physical actions, a good way, about the physical demonstration the no more necessary, to neutralize, is.

Special cases:

These, that then are created, are such if an addiction originated through an action.
On this occasion, it is the mental demonstration, that evoked this addiction through a problem, important to remove. This happens normally in that the relevant one tells this required not the addiction it the means.
However it must become remove to heed, that also the problem evoked this the addicted and manifested action, so that the relevant one can force through necessary omission of the addicted action to omit this.

Explanation of an example:

If a human being drinks alcohol through a problem, originates so now, I need alcohol a mental demonstration, because it says himself consciously or subconsciously.

Furthermore a dependence of the body originates through the drinking of alcohol in the course of time so that the body signals to require alcohol.

Procedure for the elimination of this action:1. if the problem is gotten rid of, what the alcohol-addiction caused, so definitely the mental demonstration and addiction of drinking.

2. however also the mental demonstration is gotten rid of through counter-information, definitely only drink the physical addiction this so.

3. is the problem and the mental demonstration however removed, can be reached by necessary leaving out the alcohol first so, that the addiction is no more existent.
(Is on this occasion to be taken, however, into account that the relevant one, alcohol must leave out and wants so that the relevant one recognizes its problem and demonstration.)


No sense has removing only the physical addiction, because will be the problem and the mental demonstration on that occasion so strongly existing, that the relevant one starts again to drink or this, if it is sufficiently strong to let drinking be, that it then is tormented by the existing problem and the mental demonstration so, that it doesn't have any more joy at the life.

Demonstrations of other natures either are
1. complete manifestations, in that the nature sits down completely into the material body, what happens little by little normally.

These arrangements let themselves then determine with the pendulum, in that to how much percent the corresponding nature is manifested in the body at the moment is asked.
Since itself some natures only in certain regions of the body of manifesting, it is important to explore in which parts of the body the nature manifested itself or manifested, therefore finally through an usually white visualisation in the manifested region, to remove.

2. or the demonstrations are used only for the connection from natures to natures so that an influence of the material body (usually on mental level) can be practiced outside the material body.
That is to be understood so that, the corresponding nature through contact-ion a continuous connection with a manifested access in the material body what a connection can produce from natures to natures puts.
Or that reads the thinking even the material body a connection with the help of the spirit through continuous repeating from prayers, pendulums, at other people or nature and even this of books too other natures manifests, and puts consequently.

Conscious influences of other natures, causes the involuntary adverse manifestation in the relevant.

The natures this such demonstrations causes, is to be marked as impurely mostly, because they don't bend partially cosmic laws through the influence or these not at all know, since is not enough yet the development of these natures, that are based predominantly on experiences, that the nature carries in itself, in order to act right.


It can be that a nature manifests itself in a material body in order to want to influence it well from its view although some or many influences are to be marked from cosmic view than badly since the influencing nature doesn't take certain factors into account.

These factors are such that is not walked, for example, because the relevant one, leg-muscles hurt or have a sprain at the foot it.

The incorrectly helping nature recognizes in this case that the relevant one actually should walk.
However the nature doesn't recognize that this is hardly possible because of the trouble of the legs.
Therefore the nature tries the relevant one to persuade to it to walk although this is not appropriate in this situation.

This action of the influencing nature then has the consequence that it torments the relevant one.
It is important to know that is founded on different factors practicing and that also the exercise changes a factor to arrive through one.
Furthermore every mature nature has to decide the right whether it would like to assume a help or not.

The influence, that the relevant nature practices in this case, often then practices the nature from charity, however the nature doesn't yet comprehend that this action can be a torture for the human being because this help is simply inappropriate.
This type of demonstration is to be removed heavily since the nature believes to be in the right and it has the idea so that to accomplish something good.
Nevertheless, the possibility exists to get rid of this influence, in that must be recognized for the first time, for which reason the nature practices this influence and the influence should serve which purpose.

If this is recognized, so the influencing nature must be convinced through communication, that is not this influence from certain factors appropriate.
The result of this two would stride, the consequence will finally have that, the nature these influences takes back and leaves even the area of the material body completely if the relevant one liked this.
No success pass the possibility despite all efforts of the practices to achieve to influence the "agonizing" nature through rituals so that it holds the influences no more for appropriate and this possibly absolutely rejects respecting the relevant.
However rituals can be dangerous for all participants of the ritual in general, so that the practicing must have experience relating to this, and also all factors must know, that a role plays with this exercise.
(Work-hint: look about the ritual)

Heeding is that rituals always should be the last possibility in order to cause something.
Hint: "This, that did all the (Menschenerdenkliche(in german), to help about itself, and however, no success, please God, sees and is helped get."

Demonstrations of spirit-natures

The spirit-nature often manifests itself through improper interrogates with a pendulum.
Don't commute the relevant one with a light-nature but with a spirit-nature that is lower to classify as it is the own soul (light-natures) an initial stage of the lightbeings there, so it puts an access in the body in order to influence the relevant one, mostly in negative way.

This is also the case if the spirit-nature pretends to be light-natures. However is this given not normally.

The relevant one can determine the manifestation in that it determines, whether changed negatively something in its spirit, which was not yet given before its pendulum-work.
However, the prerequisite, in order to determine this, is that the relevant one is sufficiently sensitive in order to recognize the change from the consciousness.
However the relevant one will determine this change someday since these changes become ever worse normally in the course of time. If a change is to be therefore recognized in the consciousness after a certain time, it is this change important to possibly bring with the bygone pendulum-work at connection.
Infers from it leaves itself that a right one is pendulums the prerequisite, about no one harms to cause in itself.
(Work-hint: look rightly pendulums with light-natures)

If a damage was created in the body through demonstrations of spirit-natures, so however this demonstration leaves itself normally through the drinking of field-elm-tea to remove through what also the originated damage vanishes, if the demonstration was not so big or continued long, has so that itself through this demonstration, permanent demonstrations of the spirit manifested.
If however mental demonstrations were caused by the foreign demonstration, so the negative demonstrations are through mental counter-information to be removed which should be transacted with every wrong negative spirit-information anyway.
Work-hint: , look own demonstrations)

Wrong demonstration of light-natures:

The light-nature normally manifests itself in its material body, that is as well mark, at the beginning of a human life as soul.
If what can occur now manifests more than a light-nature itself into the human material body, whom the genetics and the surroundings the to bearing children, to view as perfect tense for the relevant light-natures, is.
However is this only the case, if the second light-nature to be manifested didn't comprehend cosmic laws, since it would retract bodies not to Inca-kidney-finish in this otherwise logically.


If a light-nature was perfectly decided bodies for itself as first for one for it to Inca-kidney-ends, so another light-nature of accepting must, and, to Inca-kidney-finish the first, light-natures it step forward, to mold to lives and this with this body, leaves.
Rare exceptions are on this occasion only such if another light-nature is suited body better to Inca-kidney-finishing from genetic view which actually is impossible, however, since the light-nature chooses body, that goes the best with it, to always Inca-kidney-finish itself this.
Also the other light-nature must accept that two light-natures cannot mold the body because every light-nature has its own idea to the body-formation.
On this occasion it can admittedly be accepted, that a second light-nature can occupy the relevant body, however this second light-nature cannot act which is an absurd activity through it.

The result of this multiple manifestation in the human body is that always corresponds the light-nature the normal formation, that originates from the soul to the body.
The physically mental formation of different type is through the multiple presence of light-natures of the material body so that disputes of the light-natures respecting this formation occur so that each of the light-natures (souls) practices its own formation of the body which results that how many souls are in its body can originate so much consciousness in the relevant one normally.
This means that thinks the relevant thought-figure, that appears it as foreign and is to be actually also considered these foreign influences.
The relevant one wants to get rid of these foreign-influences, is so to be determined, which of the light-natures (souls) practices the biggest influence in the relevant one and rather indirectly wrong or not justified influences practice which light-natures.

If this is determined, so the practicing should enter into connection with its soul with the pendulum and with help this the light-natures, that entered in the relevant body as foreign, through communication so influences, that they leave the body and break off the connection completely to the relevant one if necessary.

Demonstration of essences

Essences are "low" creatures like snakes, worms, on the (Geistesebene(in german)) etc..
they like to settle in the brain and incriminate the capacity of the brain.

they are to be expelled with following in-friction :
In-friction with peppermint-oil: The forehead, the temples, the carotid arteries and the neck-fuss.
With this in-friction is to be heeded that should only be rubbed in up to the hairline, since decided canals with an in-friction of the head can be set free.

Demonstration of the "evil"

Another possible manifestation originates from the "evil", for which a nature can as such quite be called.

It is created through each conscious angry action of the relevant in the spirit and steps out of the body out as natures after the death of the human being, in so far as the relevant one didn't transform this negatives through regretting or in that becomes conscious for the relevant one which of its actions be bad to also then mark which no more than "angry" and which a regretting has again to the consequence.
The evil tries to multiply in that one can manifest in the stomach-area with each bad conscious or unconscious action of the relevant and is capable consequently to influence the relevant one negatively in that it induces through negative information giving the relevant one to accomplish increasingly own bad actions.

Bad actions then have the consequence that the "evil" can manifest itself more and more strongly in the stomach of the relevant what also happens normally.
The consequence is that the relevant one is influenced by the "evil" more and more strongly in the course of time, until it hardly still is capable to regard the bad as badly and that it holds its bad actions for justified for any reasons so that the cause of the bad action is not at all in the proportion to the bad action.
The "evil" is then in the relevant one, for example, to recognize, if the relevant one reacts to it already with a wrong word of the practices with an extreme measurement of aggression.
Special case: So, this action has be normal for itself in the relevant one through continuous rejecting of its good actions and actions, dammed aggression. However this aggressive behavior must vanish according to an explanation, why it is aggressive, if the relating to this people follow it. If this is not possible, is so to be checked, whether the relevant one also is aggressive with a not-contact with these people.

1. if however, it then is aggressive, it should let himself so treat.
2. if it is not it, so a justifiable one should this situation for it in the good and right clarifies.

If the relevant one is not to be considered its bad actions badly in the situation before its death and to regret them, so the goal of the evil is reached, and step after the death of the relevant as reinforced "angry" nature from the body, in that it joins with the angry vibrations in the spirit, that the relevant one generated.

The "evil" uses every possible opportunity in order to manifest itself into the human body.

Following history describes the effects of the "evil":

Once, a nature met the single "evil", that gave it.

It was one round black bale with a gigantic extendable mouth.

The nature was surprised at "the evil" because it never had seen this and therefore even put his/its finger into the "evil" in order to test what this is.
After the nature did this, the finger of the nature became black and the blackness stretched slowly in its "body", until the nature before frightens the finger from the "evil" moved.
Now, the nature influenced the blackness in its "body" with white light so that the purity of the nature was restored.

This process, the nature still repeated individual times and came to finally get rid of the evil to the decision.

However the nature didn't think enough about this situation and began the "biggest" mistake of its life.
The nature wanted to beat the "evil" at its own game namely by shining on the "evil" with black light.

The consequence of this implementation was disastrous:

Since the "evil" consists the darkness of negative energy in itself carries, the "evil" became nurtured the "evil" for itself this so through the black light increased and finally into thousand small "evils" natures shattered.

As this happened, schwor itself the nature, to correct this mistake, and is the "evil" to hunt on that occasion since then and to neutralize.

Elimination of the "evil" of the human body

The practicing can get rid of the "evil" through it in that it manifested pure white lightvisualisations places of the relevant visualised in that of the evil.

(Like is written this manifested place of the evil normally the stomach-area)

Summary: The evil is not with actions to be confused like self-protection and justice.

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