About the cosmic energy


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About the cosmic energy
Description: Chapters about the courses of God's energy in general and in reference of lack and excess in body-cells; still, performed becomes can become cured like with energy.
The cosmic energy is the energy, that corresponds to God.
it exists in such a large quantity that it is to be marked as intelligently through it, and consequently in the situation is to be formed planets and suns or in general the matter through own compression and to mold.
On this occasion, it cannot be forgotten that created you also the natures, in that it stimulated the matter to form a life-form through matter.

Before wanted it condensed itself, however, it is responsible for the formation of the area by extending.

Cosmic energy is for the drive, respectively for the activation of the material nature responsible, while the material nutrition of a material nature is used only for the receipt of this.

Effects of the cosmic energy on the body.

a: The influence of cosmic energy without material energy.

If a biological cell would be nurtured without material nutrition and only with the cosmic energy, so the relating to this result would be this itself through the activating effect of the cosmic energy moved the biological cell and propagates in that it divides.
Only the division of the biological cell would use so much material energy that the cell-origin of the now shared biological cell is not again producible.


First, the Biocell would move through the strong influence of the cosmic energy and would start to divide.
If it is shared, so they now now would consist the shared biological cell smaller of two biological cells, that now view alone, is, as the exit-cell, tries to propagate again through division.
Since this is not possible without material nutrition, the stronger cell of both cells would live from the weaker cell until the biological cell finally is again capable to propagate through division.
However would be the second biological exit-cell smaller than the first biological exit-cell, because the independent movement of matter uses logically material energy on the other hand.
This whole described process would recur for a very long time until the biological cell is too small to the cell-division or is not in the situation from lack of material energy to it.

it could at most still move or on the same position could try to preserve itself.

Since material movement means material movement and the own receipt of the biological cell again, the biological cell would use material energy again, according to this the biological cell always small and small would become, until it exists no finally more, or even bursts, because it is no more capable to get its Biocellwall.

However, to heed with this description, is, that a biological cell can require determined material energies in order to immediately die not and that not any biological cell can be built at all without material energies.

An example for this lacking nutrition is if a human being stops to eat that then he itself to only from his/its material reserve-energies nourishes, finally disintegrates until him itself and gets its material flesh from his decomposition.
Decompose a body despite apparent sufficient nutrition, so the picking up materials either are not right chosen, or disintegrating decomposes from lack of activity.
To the removal of these decompositions, the correct reception of materials is to be chosen to activate the problem-zones sufficiently, and the body, to lengthen (look under strechings).
Respecting the body-lengthenings, it can have disturbed through a notstrech problem-zone through energy-blockades so that the material cell-construction hardly still takes place.


A nature now would be in the situation, so it would be capable from outside to condense cosmic energy to solid matter through the spirit in the own body and to use this matter to conservation-purposes of the own body as well and to widen the own material body through it through growth, what equals the material nutrition essentially again, without material food and liquid-reception to live for very long time.

However probably use the own compression of cosmic energy so much material energy of the spirit to the matter through the spirit that this exercise would use more material energy, as would be generated by it.
This would be different if there were mechanisms in the material creature, who leads so much cosmic energy automatically in its body, so that this can be condensed to the solid matter by it in a certain place of the creature and can be used by there as material energy of the creature.

b: The influence of material energy without cosmic energy

What now happens if a biological cell is nurtured only with material energy and doesn't stand in the influence of cosmic energy?

Since the cosmic energy is responsible for the activity of the biological cell, the biological cell would stop to divide or move (to work) and only would hold material energy if necessary until she/it finally bursts.

In the biocell, the genetic programs admittedly only would exist this to the normal course what leaves these programs Starting and running out, in this case is missing.
The proof of it is to be only produced, however, in that is proved, that the supply of cosmic energy in one or several biological cells accelerates the healthy normal course of the biological cells with optimal nutrition, since it would be hardly possible to separate biological cells from the cosmic energy, or the biological booth, not to inflict this any damage through a separation.

Cosmic energy can this besides the (Abpendeln(in German)), is hardly in the body of a nature determined.
It can exist in a nature quite much surplus cosmic energy, this doesn't let itself however weigh since it is stored hover in it and actually only the inertial-factor this, whose weight decides.

An example for it is this, the weight for it also air-teaches to area hardly measurable is, since it simply hovers and it carries only one inertial-factor in itself relating to this.

Applications of cosmic energy :

Surplus cosmic energy settles down area for itself in the solar-plexus and the place, from which this can be led by energy-transfer into other bodies, is consequently.
it can be brought to the strong circulation in the own body in that a hand attaches importance to the solar-plexus.
This can be good, if is existing in an even corporal sorrow.
A reinforcement of this self-cure is achieved in that one on this occasion still stands the second hand they by the disposal, on which problem-zone puts.
(Work-hint: look bodies, strechings)
That is important the push cosmic enough (Selbstbehandelnde(in German)) in itself in order not to exhaust itself/themselves carries.
Quite important is, the annulment of energy-blockades and a sufficient nutrition of the sick area.
As described, the cosmic energy causes an activation of the cells what can be used by cosmic energy to the cure of own or foreign physical problems by supplying in the own or foreign body.


The relevant one constantly has, so he/it likes a felt energy-lack, without organs being damaged in it, from senility or suffers from a continuous (Verausgabung(in German)), with which it would be important, to insert many breaks so that no too strong polarity occurs in it.

Artificial energy-transfer:1. requires the practicing to the artificial energy-transfer, sufficiently cosmic energy.
Tip: The collecting of cosmic energy can happen through meditation. , Work-hint: Siehe meditation (concentration)2. the practicing must know, required how much cosmic energy of this to treated at the moment and came to terms with.

Tip: Pendulum-questions:

a, has the relevant at the moment (weight) surplus cosmic push in itself.
b, required the relevant at the moment (weight) surplus cosmic push in itself. c, come to terms with the relevant at the moment (weight) surplus cosmic push in itself.

3. the practicing should know in which form the cosmic energy is at the moment the best for the relevant one.
Tip: Before the energy-transfer, the help of the mental idea and power of visualisation is practiced, the cosmic energy can be collected in the right shoulder of mental, about it into a certain color-energy through visualisation to transform.
(Work-hint: look colors, light)

The too figurative cosmic energy should not be collected in other areas besides the right shoulder since the too figurative energy should not be confronted with own organs because this can influence the own body to strongly.
influence the color-energy, however, the body of the practices to strongly so, the practicing should transform the too figurative energy only in the treated body or but only the pure form of the energy transfers.

(heeding is the right visualisations in another dimension takes place, so that the practicing can form an alliance with this dimension short-term only through strong concentration, so that he/it is capable this visualisation to practice effectively. This can be regarded as a trance-condition on the other hand, with which it is important, to find the way back again into the reality)

Hints at the cosmic energy-treatment

Cosmic energy-treatments are meaningful, if reactivates after the elimination of a cause, the concerned organ, that was concerned through this cause, and is stimulated to the cure.

These causes can energy-blockades on the other hand; wrong action of reference of itself, the natures or the matter, or faulty-nutritions is.

Cosmic energy-treatments is not become fix problems, which a damage caused in the body and causes, absolutely meaningful, if causal since these problems then are treated only symptomatic, so that the symptom-problem won't go away or can only be dammed.

Nevertheless, a treatment is again meaningful in this case, if is proceeded in future against this causal problem and the time or the knowledge didn't yet exist in order to get rid of this problem.

Therefore, it is important, the relevant one, to convince of it, that a cause is available to the problem firstly, secondly which causal problem is available, and this must be proceeded thirdly against this causal problem.

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